Monday, July 25, 2016

Part 5. Principles of a Unified Theory of Universal Dialectic -- The Principle of the ‘Onto-Mass Progression Trend Quasi-Hyperbolicity’ Hypothesis.

Part 5.  Principles of a Unified Theory of Universal Dialectic -- 

The Principle of the Onto-Mass Progression Trend Quasi-HyperbolicityHypothesis.

Dear Readers,

The text below presents the fifth principle to be introduced in the new series of blog entries here on the F.E.D. Principles of a Unified Theory of Universal Dialectic.
The superposition of all of these new principles within your consciousness should, by the time this new series is fulfilled -- to the extent that these principles are new for you -- afford you a new, deeper, & comprehensive overview of the workings of our «kosmos», for human Nature and for exo-human Nature alike.


The Principle of the Onto-Mass Progression Quasi-HyperbolicityHypothesis. 

This hypothesis applies at least to the physical’ «monads» treated by our Seldon Function ‘meta-model
meta-equations’ -- our dialectical-historical, diachronic, chronological, dialectic of Nature Seldon Function ‘meta-model meta-equations’.

This hypothesis holds that the inertial ‘onto-mass’ -- the aggregate physical weight -- of the, e.g., cosmos-wide ontological populations represented by the operative ontological categories symbolized in the successive algebraic epochal ‘cumula’ of such ‘meta-models’, are, so far in natural history, monotonically hyperbolic.

Our hypothesis holds this mass trend to be true at least for their progressions of ‘self-hybrid’ category-symbols.

Natural-historical time has advanced, with, and by way of, the continuing irruption into existence of new, unprecedented, ever-more-deeply-“nested”, ‘«aufheben» metan-«monad»-ic’ «monads» of ever-higher degree, n, i.e., of ‘qualo-fractally’ ever-higher-scales of new, ‘self-combined’, or ‘self-hybrid’ «physis-monads»’.

As this advance has ensued, the whole-population ‘onto-mass’ of each newest such successor ‘self-hybrid’ kind, or ontology, has been, we hypothesize, hyperbolically less than the aggregate ‘onto-mass’ of the «monads» assigned to its immediate predecessor self-hybrid kind/ontology, for every such predecessor/-successor pair so far.

This hyperbolic ‘onto-mass’ trend has held, we hypothesize, successively, for pre-/sub-atomic “particle” units, for atoms, for molecules, for pre-eukaryotic living cells, for eukaryoticmeta-cells’, for ‘meta-eukaryotic meta-biota’ [“meta-phyta&meta-zoa”], for proto-languages-based animal [& plant] ‘‘‘societies’’’, &, lastly so far, to our knowledge, for humans-led meta-societies.

[For a partly-pictorial illustration of this ‘onto-mass’ trend hypothesis, using hypothetical data, see --


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