Monday, January 29, 2018

Reply to a Proposed Revision of Marx’s THESIS 11 [On Feuerbach].

Reply to a Proposed Revision of Marx’s THESIS 11 [On Feuerbach].

Dear Readers,

I have responded to a recent blog-entry post proposing a revision the final thesis of Marx’s eleven, new world-view-founding “Theses On Feuerbach”.

I have posted a link to that blog-post, together with my response, below.




Dear Professor Santos,

It is a telling ‘‘‘psychohistorical’’’ phenomenon of our times!  You are not the only Marxian who has felt the need to enhance Marx’s culminant thesis on Feuerbach, thesis 11.

Of the present '''MarxIAN''' tendencies -- the tendencies that eschew all forms of sub-peripheral “pure” state-bureaucratic state-capitalism/pseudo-socialism -- eschewing '''MarxISM''' in all of its Leninoid, Trotskyoid, Stalinoid, Maoid, Castroid, ILoid, Unoid, etc., etc., ad nauseam socio-pathological species -- as well as eschewing hybrid, private-capital-dominated/state-bureaucratic-class-administered state-capitalism -- Hitleroid, Fascist, Falangist, Peronist, Salazaroid, etc., as well as in the forms of intensifying state-capitalism prevalent in the core capitalist countries today -- the present '''MarxIAN''' tendency that I like best has enhanced Marx’s eleventh thesis to the following:

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is for us to change our presently still “prehistoric” human world, in the direction of, and all the way through to the actualization of, a global political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY, and thus to enable, thereby, that regime of a continuing GLOBAL renaissance of humanity -- the first such ever -- a regime of the growing global flourishing of human Nature and of planetary exo-human Nature alike, the regime that political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY makes possible.”

Like you, they see the need to integrate “non-human “ Nature, both theoretically and practically, into the movement for planetary self-liberation, showing how humanity is an outgrowth of pre-human Nature, by way of principles and processes that are generic in Nature as the totality; showing that humanity is a self-extension of, and a predictable self-continuation of, pre-human Nature itself.

Indeed, they have resurrected Engels’s unfinished “Dialectics of Nature” in a form deeply conversant with contemporary modern science, and with contemporary modern mathematics.  They have revived it into the form of a unitary, natural-historically-generic “DIALECTIC [singular] of Nature”, containing separate, successive, and progressive epochs of natural history, each with its own natural-historically-specific “dialectical-natural laws”, each such “law” a variant of, but each also fully conformant with, that natural-historically-generic ‘self-aufheben’ dialectical ‘‘‘law of Nature’’’ [singular].

Their detailed definition of “political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY” can be found at --

Their voluminous work in general is freely available via: .


  1. Here's quote from the Program of Transition to Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY paper..: "But perhaps never before, with the partial exception of the original Marshall Plan, have nations preemptively
    ‘declared peace’ upon one another, including by consciously and explicitly ‘declaring prosperity’ upon one
    another -- ‘‘‘peace through prosperity’’’, preempting war. Such official, collective declarations of world peace through world prosperity, and their implementation, we
    hold, are a necessary prelude to attaining closure with regard to all of the chapters of the bloody “prehistory” of
    [true] human[e]ity on this planet..."

    Well..,Im happy to inform you that there is a worldwide project well in progress today...This project is based on the same exact Principles which are also the bases of the "Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY".

    I strongly advice you to follow the link on the bottom to get the full insight of this incredible project in all of its true Glory that it deserves...

    The “Eurasian Landbridge” or New Silk Road — a vision first proposed and drafted by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche over two decades ago to fully develop the entirety of the Eurasian continent — is now the active, official policy of the government of China, supported also by other key Asian nations. On September 7, 2013, Chinese President Xi Jingping visited Kazakhstan where he first announced the adoption of a policy he called the “New Silk Road Economic Belt” stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea...

    Please see for your self if this is real or not, and make sure you share this notion further on.., once you get the true sense of it's potential.. :-) Take your time.., you will like what you see there, I promise:

  2. Introduction: A New Paradigm for Humanity

    In this pamphlet, we introduce you to China’s great Belt and Road Initiative and lay out, in that context, Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery of the United States. What might seem like two distinct ideas are, in fact, one. Lyndon LaRouche and his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche have campaigned for more than 40 years to develop the world, promoting scientific breakthroughs, grand designs for economic development, and a renaissance of classical culture. LaRouche has used his groundbreaking discoveries in economics to fundamentally advance the American System of political economy, as proposed and practiced by Hamilton, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. This is the program encompassed in LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery of the United States. Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s decades-long campaign in China and other nations for a New Silk Road of modern infrastructure development and a revival of classical cultures, both East and West, has earned her the name “the New Silk Road Lady” in China. The Belt and Road initiative reflects the vision of both Lyndon and Helga LaRouche and encompasses the fundamental economic ideas animating the American System, ideas which have been largely abandoned in the United States.

    There is no better guide to China’s grand project, and the historical significance of the United States itself adopting a new paradigm of economics and international relations, than Helga Zepp-LaRouche herself. And, so, we will introduce this pamphlet through a speech she recently gave at a Schiller Institute Conference “Fulfilling the Dream of Mankind” held in Bad Soden, Germany on November 25, 2017. We have edited her remarks for purposes of space in this pamphlet, but encourage you to view the video in full.

    Read this speech with the sense of adventure, optimism, and big thinking which accompanies acts of discovery, rather than the small-minded pessimism which we are fed daily in our country.

    The Actually Optimistic Present

    ...Now, I think that the New Silk Road is a typical example of an idea whose time has come; and once an idea becomes a material reality in that way, it becomes a physical force in the universe...

    To follow up reading.., or to find out how to help with the realization of this project..,please go to this address:

    To watch a video of a speech containing this writing:
    "The New Silk Road, a New Model for International Relations"

  3. Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Let me begin with an idea developed by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. He said that we are actually living in the best of all possible worlds. This is a very fundamental ontological conception. It is the idea that we are living in a developing universe, that what makes the universe the best of all those possible is its tremendous potential for development. And it is created in such a way, that every great evil challenges an even greater good to come into being.

    I think when we are talking about the New Silk Road and the tremendous changes which have occurred in the world, especially in the last four years, it is actually exactly that principle which is working. Because it was the absolute, manifest lack of development under the old world order, which caused the impulse of China and the spirit of the New Silk Road to catch on, so that now many nations of the world are absolutely determined to have development to give a better life to all of their people.

    Now, I think that the New Silk Road is a typical example of an idea whose time has come; and once an idea becomes a material reality in that way, it becomes a physical force in the universe. I personally have had the chance to see the evolution of this idea, which in many senses really started with this great gentleman—my husband, Lyndon LaRouche, who many decades ago—almost half a century ago—had the idea of a just new world economic order. This then became more manifest in the 1970s, then in the 1980s, but especially in 1991, when the Soviet Union disintegrated and this idea of creating a just new world economic order became very prominent...

    watch the video for the full content:
    " "

    for the full story behind this "new economic order", follow the link
    " "