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Planet-Formation & ‘«aufheben» meta-unit-ization’. Part 07: Seldon’s ‘‘‘Seeings’’’ Series.

Part 07:  Seldon’s ‘‘‘Seeings’’’ Series --

Planet-Formation & ‘«aufheben» meta-monad-ization.

Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure, and my honor, as an officer of the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] Office of Public Liaison, to share with you, from time to time, as they are approved for public release by the F.E.D. General Council, key excerpts from the internal writings, and from the internal sayings, of our co-founder, Karl Seldon.

The seventh such release in this new series is entered below [Some E.D. standard edits have been applied, in the version presented below, by the editors of the Special Council for the Encyclopedia, to the direct transcript of our co-founder’s discourse].

This 7th instalment addresses the self-iterated, dialectical -- i.e., the «aufheben», meta-monad-ization’, ‘onto-dynamicalcharacter -- of initial planet-formation processes, of, e.g., “pebble accretion”, and beyond.


...Per present knowledge, planets are made up out of a heterogeneous multiplicity of ‘metafinite “collisional” singularities.”

“There is a self-progression of “electrostatically” and gravitationally self-re-iterated stages of subn-planetary formation, by means of dialectical, or «aufheben», collisional ‘meta-unit-ization’ of subn+1-planetary formations.”

“Once this Nature-dialectic-al process gets going, each ‘subn-planet unit’ is a meta1-subn+1-planet meta-unit’, made up out of a heterogeneous multiplicity of ‘subn+1-planet units’, each of which is a meta1-subn+2-planet meta-unit’, and so on, down to the ultimate «arché» of planet-formation, e.g., “dust grains”.”

“We can roughly describe a self-progression of pre-planetary-to-planetary ontology, at least local to our Solar System, during the sequence of epochs of its formation/‘onto-dynamasis’, as --

“dust grains”...--->...“planetesimals”...--->...‘‘‘planetary embryos’’’...--->...planets.”

“Note also that this is another case of the apparently sometimes internally erasive/internally-quasi-convolute’ «aufheben»-conservation aspect of such, ‘Nature-al’, ‘meta-unit-ization’ dialectic, which is still mostly ‘‘‘evolute’’’/non-erasive externally.”

“That is, with the human sensorium and with the instruments which, presently, extend it, it is, in some ways, easier to determine that there are atom units still inside -- still internal to -- their molecule ‘meta-units’, as immediate ‘meta-atomic’ units, than it is to determine that there are [modified] ‘‘‘pebbles’’’ still extant inside their “pebble-accreted” ‘‘‘planetesimal’’’ ‘meta-units’; [modified] ‘‘‘planetesimals’’’ still inside their ‘‘‘planetary embryo’’’ ‘meta-units’;  [modified] ‘‘‘proto-planets’’’, ‘‘‘planetary embryos’’’, or ‘‘‘dwarf planets’’’, still inside their planet ‘meta-units’, or, in another Domain, that of human-social formation(s), e.g., to discern that there are still [modified] primeval hunter-gatherer “camp” meta1-units ‘‘‘dissolved’’’ inside ancient village meta2-units, and that there are even more-primordial [modified] hunter-gatherer nomadic band meta0-units, or «arché»-units, ‘‘‘dissolved’’’, ‘‘‘inside’’’ those primeval hunter-gatherer “camp” meta1-units.”

Externally, there are, at least in our Solar System, still instrumentally discernible, remnants of that whole spectrum of stages of ‘proto-planetary’ [meta-]units -- “seeds” of planets -- e.g., among the “Kuiper Belt objects”, so that the external «aufheben»-conservation aspect of the evoluteness of this process of planet formation in our Solar System is still mostly non-erasive’. ...

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Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

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