Monday, October 19, 2015

Seldon in Session, #10: ‘‘Dark Energy’’ & ‘The Dialectic of Nature’ -- The Deeper «Arché»?.

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Reproduced below is another excerpt from a recent update, to the F.E.D. research community, regarding current research by the F.E.D. ‘Special Council on the Dialectic of Nature’, in which Karl Seldon is a member, and a participant [E.D. standard edits applied by the E.D. editors] --

One of the bolder hypotheses that we of the Special Council on the Dialectic of Nature are currently exploring is the one stated as such below.”  

“We are exploring it in pursuit of a deeper «arché» than n -- than the ‘pre-nuclear’ “particles” -- for our presently-standard Dialectical Theory of Everything Known EXCEPT Dark Energy & Dark Matter Meta-Model Meta-Equation, one that would enable that meta-model to be enhanced so as to encompass the presently mysterious cosmo-ontology of “Dark Energy” and “Dark Matter”, which, in mass-energy terms, appear to be the so-far-detected two most predominant components of our «kosmos» by far.”

 “The new candidate «arché», representing a reality that irrupted into manifest existence earlier, more deeply back into cosmological time, than any other that our sciences can even dimly discern, so far, is the ‘‘‘Dark Force’’’, of ‘‘‘Dark [unknown source] ANTI-Gravity’’’, so-called “Dark Energy”.  We hypothesize that “Dark Energy” is minimalprimitive, almost featureless, roottime-ness, the barest ‘‘‘essence’’’ of ‘‘‘the cosmological universal clock’’’.  The primary, initial feature of this root[-of-]time’ is the production of [empty”] space, the making of more space, i.e., the [e.g., accelerating] expansion of the radius and of the volume of our «kosmos».  The cosmo-ontological first contra-category offspring of this ‘‘‘Dark Force’’’, «arché»cosmo-ontological category, is that early-born form of “matter”, by far the greater portion, in mass-energy terms, of all of the gravitating “matter” in our «kosmos»:  so-called “Dark Matter”, or ‘‘‘unknown source GRAVITY’’’.  It is the intra-duality of this ‘‘‘Dark Force’’’ -- or ‘‘‘unknown source ANTI-Gravity’’’ -- «kosmo-arché» that irrupts, out of itself, its opposite -- partially-filled space, starting with, and still mainly consisting of, Dark Matter.


Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

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