Saturday, October 10, 2015

Seldon in Session, #6: ‘On the Nature of Nature’.

 Dear Readers,

Reproduced below is one of Karl Seldon’s most characteristic characterizations of our «kosmos» [E.D. edits applied] --

It is of the nature of Nature to -- continually -- change itself, through self-reflexive, self-refluxive self-action/‘intra-action’, changing itself not only quantitatively, within the confines of each present epoch’s ontology, but also changing itself qualitatively, ontologically, epochally -- growing, quantitatively, the «arithmos» of the «monads» most recently born out of it, until a threshold of population quantity and concentration is breached, after which Nature expands itself ontologically, its latest «arithmos» birthing a new-latest, meta-«arithmos»’, by means of its latest «monads» birthing new, meta-«monads»’.

-- implicitly describing The Dialectic of Nature overall -- the meta-«monad»-ic’«aufheben» structure of any synchronic slice -- any present -- of our «kosmos», and the diachronic meta-«monad»-izing’ «aufheben» process that produces, and that continually, epochally advances, that «aufheben», qualo-fractal structure.



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