Friday, October 09, 2015

Seldon in Session, #5: ‘The Meta-Darwinian Cosmological Principle’.

Dear Readers,

Another of Karl Seldon’s most important statements, to we of F.E.D., is the following [E.D. edits applied], about whose topic more will be stated, soon, in the Foundation literature forthcoming --

The natural formations that persist in nature are those that are self-reproductively, 
and meta-reproductively, more fecund, in terms of their reproductive and 
meta-reproductive’* rates, relative to other such formations.

*[They thereby -- by their ‘onto-dynamical meta-reproductivity’ -- persist,
at the very least, as ‘‘‘«aufheben»-contained/conserved’’’ inside their
‘meta-descendants’; their ‘meta-genealogical meta-progeny’.].

-- including to the effect that the Darwinian principle [that those «arithmoi» whose «monads» exhibit the higher sustained rates of expanded self-reproduction are -- as so often misnomered -- naturally selected [selected by whom, by what agent? by God? -- thus, yet another ideological pseudo-agent posit], i.e., expand their onto-mass proportion in/of the «kosmos», or at least within some ‘‘‘loci’’’ thereof, relative to those «arithmoi» whose «monads» exhibit lower sustained rates of self-reproduction] is not at all restricted to biological, e.g., to DNA-based, «kosmo-monads».



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