Thursday, October 15, 2015

Seldon in Session, #8: ‘Psychohistorical Retardation’.

Dear Readers,

Reproduced below is one of Karl Seldon’s core characterizations about the ideological core of our Modern «mentalité», and of the kind of human-social world that we tend to reproduce, as a result of that «mentalité», as our objectification of that «mentalité», including of the Modern ideology that it contains [E.D. edits applied] --

The development, by Terran humanity, of the explicitly dialectical, purely qualitative, and ‘qualo-quantitative, dimensions/[sub-]Domains of mathematical phonetico-picto-ideography, starting with/from the arithmetics of those dialectical-mathematical phonetico-picto-ideographies, has been -- albeit predictably -- psychohistorically retarded, since the last Dark Ages, throughout our Modern, or capitalist, epoch, to date.

“That is, this psychohistorical retardation has continued throughout the long historical arc -- still present and ongoing/unfolding -- of our Modern society: ‘‘‘the society found[er]ed upon the exchange value’’’.  

This has been due, at root, to the cell-form of the Modern human «praxis» of ‘‘‘universal alienation’’’ [of universal selling, including that kind of self-selling that is Modern wage-labor, i.e., sold labor-power -- alienated labor], and that, at the «arché» of his dialectical, immanent critique of the Modern ideology, Karl Marx named “The Elementary Form of Value”, the «arché» of his entire opus of “The Critique of Political Economy”.  

This cell-form of Modern human «praxis» -- that unconsciously but intensively inculcates the purely-quantitative, concrete social use-value denigrating and neglecting, ultimately social use-value destroying, social reproduction destroying «mentalité», and the socio-econo-political ideologies founded upon the habitual human experience(s) of that «praxis» -- is the «praxis» that ultimately induces this psychohistorical retardation.

Its most distilled ideological expression is the system of the so-calledNatural” Numbers -- 

N = { 1, 2, 3, ...} 

-- which form an arithmetical system of pure, unqualified quantifiers.”

This «arché» of Modern human «praxis » unconsciously inculcates, daily, incessantly, the exchange-equation of qualitatively different Goods\Commodities, apparently by Monetary purequantity alone, i.e., by a price-quantity of [qualitative] units of money whose deeper socio-ontological quality, which it has in common with both of the Commodities that are party, via their human personifications, to the “Elementary” core of such exchanges [i.e., Monetary units unconsciously tending, due to competition, to reflect the presently typically socially necessary abstract human labor-time needed to presently reproduce those Commodities], is typically unknown to the human participants therein -- unknown without, and prior to, comprehending the deepest human analyses of our own, Modern-human, capital-social-relation(s)-driven «praxis» that Terran humanity has so far produced.”

“In particular, this Modern human «praxis», in its unconscious cognitive consequences, has blocked the Full Zero insight, which leads to the solution of the easier half of the dynamical non-linearity problem, that obviates the division-by-zero infinite-singularity problem of non-linear-dynamical integro-differential equation-model expressions of, e.g., the laws of Nature, when, in our seventh axioms-system of dialectical arithmetic-algebra, ideographical metrological unit qualifiers are ‘‘‘nullified’’’ via their zero multiplication -- that is, via their multiplication by the zero quantifier, 0, i.e., by the ideogram that we call Empty Zero, producing the ‘Hrydyamic’, ‘Langoliers-like’, qualo-quantitative value that we call Full Zero, ..”

“The psychohistorical developmental arrestation’ of arithmetical Monadic-qualifiers-including, qualo-quantitative ideography at the archaic stage of syncopated algebra, a proto-algebra probably first attained in Diophantus of Alexandria’s circa 250 C.E. scroll, entitled Arithmetica, with its MoMu^omicron»] syncopated arithmetical qualifier symbol, together with the retardation of the development of Maxwellian+ dimensional analysisin physics -- i.e., the retardation of the arithmetical and analytical ideography of metrological unit qualifiers and of their quantification; of quantifiable unit-of-measure qualifier ideograms -- which still to this day languishes at the syncopated algebrastage of Diophantus’s, ancient, only proto-algebraic, only proto-ideographical work [e.g., our contemporary physical-mathematical use of “cm.”, “gm.”, “sec.”], have both contributed to this retardation, and have impacted human cognition as further expressions of our Modern, purely-quantitative, quantifiers-only «mentalité» -- a «mentalité» about mathematical ideography, and about the whole of [Modern] life/reality; seeding the whole of the orthodox Modern worldview.



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