Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Seldon in Session, #7: ‘Dimensions of Freedom’, "Degrees of Freedom", & "Laws" of Nature Change.

Dear Readers,

Reproduced below is a comment by Karl Seldon on the notion of [Nature-induced] changes in the "laws" of Nature [E.D. edits applied] --

The analytical geometry of the generic NQ dialectical arithmetic is that of a space, with axes/dimensions of unit length, which, starting from the initial axis/dimension, named q1, expands, each time its content is squared, by expanding to two times the number of mutually-perpendicular unit-length axes/dimensions as it had before each such squaring. 

In our interpretations of this space, each axis/dimension stands for a distinct ontological category.

Thus, in their NQ representation, ontological “degrees of freedom”, are dimensions of freedom.

These dimensions are dimensions of freedom -- of [meta-]dynamical, behavioral freedom -- for the new kinds of ‘‘‘eventities’’’, embodying new ontology, and, as well, for the entire ‘cumulum’ of multiple ‘‘‘eventities’’’ kinds within which and out of which these new kinds of ‘‘‘eventities’’’, or of «monads», irrupt.

Thus, if we wish to [mal-]speak of laws governing the dynamics/behaviors of such ‘‘‘eventities’’’/‘cumula’, then the irruptions of these new dimensions of freedom mean irruptions of new "laws" of Nature, and modifications of old "laws" of Nature.



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