Saturday, June 01, 2013

How has Dialectics Progressed since Plato?

Full[er] TitleHow has the Subject of Dialectics Progressed Since Plato?

Dear Readers,

We of the Foundation who are engaged in the effort to communicate the findings of the Foundation's research to a wider public -- Hermes de Nemores, Aoristos Dyosphainthos, and myself, included -- continue to find both inspiration and aspiration in the way that Karl Seldon speaks volumes in a few words.

A case in point occurred recently -- one which I want to share with you -- during an internal 'multilogue' in which the following question was among those addressed -- "How has dialectics progressed since Plato?" -- and to which Karl Seldon wrote-out the following four sentence answer on the big screen [to which I have added the standard E.D. color-coding]:

"Dialectics lost its Parmenides."

"<<Species>> became also speciation; <<gene>> became also generation."

" 'Ideo-taxonomy' became also dynamical, and 'onto-dynamical'. "

"Dialectics became diachronic:  to Plato's dialectical 'ideo-systematics', historical dialectics was added."

Twenty-four hundred years of progress summarized in four propositions!



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