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Grasping the Unity of the three Great Historical Dialectics within Nature-as-Maximal-Totality

Full[er] TitleGrasping the Unity of the three Great Historical Dialectics within Nature-as-Maximal-Totality.

Dear Readers,

We of the Foundation, engaged in the effort to communicate the findings of the Foundation's research to a wider public, continue to admire the way that Karl Seldon speaks so succinctly to the assembled F.E.D. collective [as I also noted in my blog-entry immediately previous to this one].

Another recent case in point which I want to share with you occurred during an internal 'multilogue' in which the following question was among those addressed -- "How can we grasp, in a unified manner, the dialectic of Nature prior to humanities, the dialectic of planetary humanities, and the dialectic of 'meta-planetary' 'meta-humanities'?"

In response, Karl Seldon projected, into mid-air, using the Encyclopedia Dialectica '''prime radiant'''* 'meta-planetarium projector', and in liquid letters that looked to be made of flame, the following two sentences --

"Humanity is the self-critique of pre-human Nature."

" 'Meta-humanity'** is the self-critique of human Nature."

*[Cf. CAD/CAM/CAE 3D CAVEs [Cave Automatic Virtual Environments], i.e., immersive virtual reality rooms.] 

**The F.E.D. prediction -- or linguistic, symbolic, dialectical-ideographic 'pre-construction' -- of the imminent partial 'emergence of the meta-human', in close proximity to our ecosphere within this <<kosmos>>, has not been featured very prominently, to-date, in the published writings of the Foundation.

F.E.D.'s prediction of 'the emergence of the meta-human' begins with the convergences in the solutions of (1) the 512th term of the F.E.D. "Dialectical '''Theory of Everything''' Equation --

-- (2) the 480th term of equation 2 of the F.E.D. Psychohistorical-Dialectical Equations, 'The Equation of Human-Social Forces of Production Meta-Evolution', (3) the 256th term of equation 4 of the F.E.D. Psychohistorical-Dialectical Equations, 'The Equation of Human-Social Formation(s) Meta-Evolution', and with (4) the connotations of every one of the 3 terms of equation 6 of the F.E.D. Psychohistorical-Dialectical Equations, 'The Equation of the Meta-Evolution of Planetary Humanities'.

We of F.E.D. hold that this predicted 'irruption of the meta-human' -- the transition of part of human-genomic humanity into a local 'meta-humanity' -- will be driven by an unstoppable social force.

That unstoppable social force is the overwhelming "consumer demand" for a commodity, the demand for which will be the most inelastic in all of previously-recorded history, and up to the present, once the availability of that "commodity" becomes publicly known.

That social force is the "consumer demand" for "human life extension"; for a marked, unprecedented, technologically-achieved prolongation in the mean duration of individual human life-times, via 'the self-re-engineering of the human genome', mediated by the 'designedly' genome-modifying intervention of the [technological] 'Human Phenome', and also via cyborg prosthetics / bionics, mediated and facilitated by the emergence of the android robotics "branch" of 'meta-humanity'.

FYI:  Loci where the "news" of this prediction has surfaced publicly so far -- and albeit only for somewhat cursory discussion -- include the following.

Dialectical Ideography, volume I., Prolegomena, Epitome, p. 19.

F.E.D. Introductory Letter, Supplement B., Some Exemplary Applications of a Dialectical <<Characteristica Universalis>>, p. B-37.,%20Supplement%20B-1,%20v.2_OCR.pdf

Aoristos's Blog, 05/19/2012 blog-entry, entitled "The F.E.D. Psychohistorical-Dialectical Equations"

This blog, 09/27/2011 blog-entry, entitled "A Brief Characterization of the F.E.D. "First Dialectical Arithmetic" ".

I think that you may find even these cursory discussions of the already partially, '''fractionally''' extant ontological category of 'the meta-human' -- of 'the irruption of meta-humanity' -- quite enlightening!




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