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'Marxian Democracy': The Human Right of "Citizen Stewardship Equity".

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The Dialectic of 'Marxian Democracy':   

The Equitable, Equitarian Human Right of Citizen Stewardship Equity in Brief.

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I have formulated, below, for your information, a brief summary of the Citizen Stewardship Equity third, dialectical synthesis component of the dialectic / taxonomy of newly-recognized human and constitutional rights required to constitute a Political-Economic Democracy.

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The Dialectic of 'Marxian Democracy':  The Equitable, Equitarian Human Right of Citizen Stewardship Equity.

The fundamental  fact of the proletarian condition, the fact that exposes the workers, the producers -- increasingly the vast majority class of global humanity -- to unending abuse, and to deprivation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, orchestrated by the other class, the class of the personifiers of capital, is that wage and salaried workers are cut-off from direct access to the means of production [including to land and to other, e.g., industrial, means of production].

The workers, the producers, are thus coerced, on pain of death, or of "lives" so impoverished as to be not worth living to most of them, to sell -- to alienate -- the preponderance of their life-span hours of life to the economic institutions owned by that other class, to work -- or not, e.g., to be "laid off" -- based upon the decisions of, and under conditions controlled by, that other class, with no required consent or other input from those workers, and with those workers having to endure the continual abuses orchestrated by that other class -- so as to extract greater net profit from those workers' servitude, or even just to "reduce their numbers" in keeping with the Malthusian and Eugenicist ideology endemic to that other class -- and with no legal way out except death itself.

The Right of Citizen Stewardship Equity is designed to redress this Great Wrong, now that the level of development of the social forces of production makes such redress possible, and to bring about a concrete, practical transcendence of the proletarian condition:  an historical transcendence of the capital/wage-labor relationship of production, with all of its attendant human, social horrors, by means of the growth of the Citizen Stewardship Equity social relation of production in its stead.

The Right of Citizen Stewardship Equity means that collectively-entrepreneurial, self-organized associations of workers -- voluntarily associated producers -- whose business plans, including operating plans [e.g., operating plans for their own democratic internal self-governance] meet democratically-adopted statutory requirements, and whose business plans also meet the criteria for funding of at least one other qualified worker's association, organized as a democratically self-governing Citizen Stewardship Social Self-Investment Bank -- are eligible for the granting of Social Property in the form of means of production, constructed according to the specifications included in their thus-qualified, and thus Social-Bank-endorsed, business plans, to be held by them in Stewardship on behalf of human society as a whole [not in local or personal ownership], and to be used by them to produce goods and/or services, for offer to other worker-consumers in competitive markets, e.g., competing with similar goods/services, produced and offered by other Citizen Stewardship Producers' Cooperatives, in accordance with the uses specified in their thus-qualified business plans, and in return for (1) an equal share in the net profits of the Stewardship enterprise for each producer-member of that cooperative, and in return for (2) compensation for hours of work performed in accord with their labor-skills, as set by majority vote of the producer-members.

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