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'Dialectic is the CAUSE of TIME'. F.E.D. Vignette # 22, by Karl Seldon.

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FYI:  The new, 22nd F.E.D. Vignette, entitled --

Dialectic is the Cause of Time.

-- written by our co-founder, Karl Seldon, has recently been cleared for posting to the  Vignettes Page, by the F.E.D. General Council.

I have also posted this text below, for your convenience. 



F.E.D. Vignette #22 --
Dialectic is the Cause of Time.
by Karl Seldon.

There is no God-like “Clock”, ticking abstractly, from somewhere “outside the universe”, imposing its rhythm upon our cosmos from without it.

This universe has no ‘“out-side”’.

There is only “change”, a vast and growing ensemble of changes, going on inside this universe, as the real content of this universe.

We use one recurrent pattern of such changes to “clock” another.

We select a “clock process”, within the universe -- e.g., the rotation, the revolution, of our home planet -- and project it upon other such processes, our so selected “clock process” supplying a standard of time for other processes, the unit of recurrence of one part of the universe thus providing, for us, a standard unit of time for other parts of the universe as well.

Changes -- not just ‘‘‘quantitative changes’’’; not just growth in the population quantity, or numberarithmos»] of the qualitatively similar individuals/units/«monads», counted as if they were all mutually identical, and constituting  a given kind, i.e., a given ontology, but including also ‘‘‘qualitative changes’’’, ontological change’, net growth in the [meta-arithmic’] number of kinds extant, in the number of qualitatively distinct populationsarithmoi»] extant, by way of the introduction/‘‘‘addition’’’ of a greater number of populations of individuals of newer kinds than the numbers of populations of individuals of older kinds that go extinct, during a given epoch -- in all their myriad varieties and «species», are the elements of time, so ‘Change-in-«Gene»-ral’ is the substance of time.

Without such [kinds of] change, there can be no time.

We hear that “Time changes all things”.

But this human-mental abstraction, “Time”, is no subject, no god, no active agent, operating even from inside the world -- let alone, somehow, from a [nonexistent] “outside [of] the world” -- and somehow acting upon “all things”, changing them.

To see clearly, to think clearly, to know clearly, we must first overcome this fetishism, this reification, this deification, this mystification, this subject-object inversion between our abstracted “Time”, and “all things”.  We must immanently critique our inherited habits of thought.

In actuality:  “All things change time”.  Time is the ultimate dependent variable, not the ultimate independent variable.  Time, concrete duration, is the product of the reproductive self-activity of, and of the reproductive interactivity among, "all things".

Stated in greater detail:  “All things, by changing one another, and by each changing itself, change time, advance time, unit by unit”.

‘Change-in-«Gene»-ral’ is the SUBSTANCE of time.

But dialectic is the CAUSE of time.

Dialectic is, at root, the quantitative change/self-growth of ontological populations/«arithmoi», turning itself into qualitative change/self-growth, i.e., into the proliferation of new kinds of ‘ontos’/«arithmoi», e.g., into the ‘‘‘evolute’’’ ‘self-aufhebening’ of a given ‘‘‘ontic’’’ population/«arithmos» by its expanded self-reproduction, by its self-growth, in  numbers of units, and in their local density/physical-spatial concentration/‘self-environment’/‘self-envelopment’/- ‘self-surroundment’, usually at/within many synchronic loci within the cosmos.

Such local self-densification of an «arithmos» gives rise to its intensified ‘‘‘self-[inter]action’’’. 

That is, such local self-densification of an «arithmos» gives rise to intensified ‘‘‘interactions’’’ among its «monads».

These ‘‘‘interactions’’’ still continue to quantitatively expandedly self-reproduce/conserve that «arithmos»/its «monads», but, beyond a certain, critical threshold of such local self-densification, these ‘‘‘interactions’’’ also give rise to a qualitatively, ontologically expanded self-reproduction, in the form of the irruption/elevation of a new, higher ‘qualo-fractal’ level/scale of existence; the constitution/population of a new, expanded ontology, made of a  qualitatively different, ‘supplementary opposite’ new ‘onto’, a new «arithmos» of «monads», made up out of a new kind of  «monad»:  a meta-«monad»’ with respect to the preceding kind of such 'self-hybrid' «monads», from out of whose densest core the new kind irrupted into existence, in an ontological singularity/revolution within Nature.

Then, the quantitative self-growth, the quantitatively expanding self-reproduction/‘‘‘evolution’’’, of this previously-unprecedented new kind, of this new «arithmos» of «monads», begins, and ensues, until, for it too, a critical threshold to qualitative, ontological change -- to ontological revolution -- is breached.

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