Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Systematic Dialectic of Hegel’s «Logik», Overall Triad -- 'Dialectical Meta-Model Meta-Equation': 'Being-Doctrine^3 = Being-Doctrine + Essence-Doctrine + Concept-Doctrine'.

Dear Readers,

FYI:  A new, triadic 'dialectogram' module, entitled --

Systematic Dialectic of Hegels «Logik», Overall Triad.  

-- has recently been cleared for posting to the  Glossary Page, by the F.E.D. General Council.

I have also posted this text+<<monad>> below, for your convenience.




  1. Hi Mike !

    Saying ..... that Some Quite impressive work has clearly been noted round here...., would be an understatement.., to be quite frank...! I'm impressed..., not necessarily surprised , I mean....,: It's practically a wish come true for any Genius-Scientist-Nerd of any decent magnitude, that's for sure...! :-)
    That's why I even directed some of those corresponding types..., this way..., a couple of days ago...., too... ( they had some happy time here , as far as I can tell, which I kinda suspected they would...) And that can't be a bad thing ..., now can it ??
    Well..., uknow..., most probably not..., unless it possibly can..., in some aspect perhaps..., right ? Yeah , quite right..., and were that to be the case somehow...., could that really be a reason for disappointment to anyone (particularly to the respected Author... ) perhaps...? No, I don't think so at all...

    Maybe the opposite would be the effect, I would think..., if any...

    Pls, dont get me wrong here...; I believe that any one who ever came even close to what I get to see here and all..., deserves A reward of some greatest type by all means... , that's pretty clear to any decent individual anywhere...!

    It's just that it's not very useful for the actual overly dumb populous of today..., now is it..? Or am I missing something perhaps ? I wish I were ..., but am I ??

    In case that Im not missing something..., I may have some Idea what is preventing it to be such...., perhaps..?

    So,....eider way..., (me=wrong or u end up improving still more...) is a win situation so, I look forward to find out...

    Thank u !

    Aljosa , the LaRouchesupport/channel guy

    1. Dear Aljosa,

      Would love to learn of any ideas that you have for improved reception of this material. Thanks for your comment!



    2. I see..., so we do have a possible reception problems.., Is that a fair assumption than..? Ok.., say that we do have some problems with that for example..: ( Or at least..., maybe.., that we do have some problems as far as we talk about the material which is openly published , to public..., on these site's this far... , would that be more accurate perhaps..., is that it...? )

      See, these LaRouche people-crowd.., r pretty much as decent group of people as it gets..., to be quite frank here..., youknow...

      However..., it is also true..., that there are some particular fields or disciplines if u will..., in which I tend to live them all behind ..., like miles behind... uknow...? No one, not even Lyn himself can touch me in this aspect...!

      And Im not just saying this.., it's what it is... Oh.., which discipline would that suppose to be ..., ej. U wanna know , right...??

      ..Ok, fine...:, Its..., well..: It's these.., I call it: The Authentic laziness Virtue....! Yeah , that's the one.. :-D And , Im quite a champion of it myself .., I figure..,that's true.. u see..?

      Well.., its not that I'm always so successful at it.., all the time.., at the end of the day.., cause I'm sometimes not..., but the good part of it is that no matter what the challenge..., I always attack it with this discipline first..., always making sure that I really try hard , before I were to give up on it...
      ( I.e. always trying to do as little as I possibly could , and to still be enough...) right...?

      So..., ok , It does tend to have the exact opposite effect now and than..., sometimes often..., u know..., but it surely does always have these clear genuine intent.., if nothing else... ! :-) And that's something ....too.. I guess... :-D

      So, basically..., i try to avoid as much hard work as I possibly can, what's wrong with that, right...?? So, in order to keep up with everything due..., Im often forced to invent stuff..., I simply just make things up , that's what I do ..., really :-D .-D

      ...for example..: if I were to stumble upon some kind of a vast type of an archive of some new kind of a written material somehow , somewhere..., I would do anything in my power ..., to read as little as possible of it..., yet still manage to accurately assess its true validity as such.., in a remarkably reliable precision.. btw

      ( just saving it , so It doesn't go way...) to continue...

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Dear Aljosa,

      You wrote, above: "It's just that it's not very useful for the actual overly dumb populous of today..., now is it..? Or am I missing something perhaps ? I wish I were ..., but am I ??".

      No doubt, the ruling, Rockefeller plutocracy has done, and is doing, all that it can, to degrade human mentation throughout the working class, and to "dumb down" the populous, as far "down" as they can.

      Part of our mission is to illustrate and instantiate, in as many specific cases as possible, the advanced mode of cognition, of noesis, that constitutes the crucial weapon that the working class presently mainly lacks, and that it so desperately needs, to save itself from the '''humanocidal''' plans of the plutocracy; to continually, concretely illustrate the 'trans-dianoiac' thought-mode of dialectics -- the ability to break out of radical dualism, to find the tertium datur, the third, the synthesis, etc.

      Some few, who visit here, and who are prepared, will "get" the genericity, the universality, of this trans-dualistic thought-mode, via the 'algorithmic heuristic' of the Seldonian First Arithmetic of Dialectic -- will grasp it comprehensively, from the rules-system, from the axioms.

      But most may, gradually, get a growing inkling of this mode of creative mentation, through the specific cases, through the diagrams of those specific cases, that are treated here, inductively.

      What we read, psychohistorically, as a "fact of the times", and as a "sign of the times", is the fact that visitorship to our sites, and to our blogs, is surging like never before, in the ~16 years since we surfaced, samizdat, publicly.



    5. Hi Mike..!

      I was off for a while now..( I had I real time "Lorry Mayers" situation over here to deal with over here..., only state wide..., if u can grasp that....., u know...., and u r pretty smart one yourself..., so u probably can grasp it if anyone..., so.. )

      But I'm back here to finish what I started now, if u havent finished yourself perhaps while I was "absent" if u will.., that is , of course... ;-)


    6. I will respond to this comment also.., now followinghereunder no sweat...


  2. p.s.: I would of come here sooner , but my u-tube channel kinda decided by himself ..., that the calling cards left on my channel.., got the best possible treatment...., i.e. it hide it to some impossibly to find type of a Spamm room in some dark corner some place... I only got to it by a chance ..., and much latter than I would otherwise..., I suppose... :-D

    1. haaaaaa haaaa haaaaa !!!! now , that was funny..! I'm laughing :-) :-) Just a genuine laughter, that's all... ( I'm not implying anything with it.., well..., I hope I'm not...!? ) Hmm.., I'll try to answer the upper Q now..., first... and find out this way..., if I was implying anything or not... perhaps... youknow...

      I know that I didn't plan to ..., I know that much...

      well.., never mind.., am moving up now...