Monday, August 17, 2015

E. D. Notation: The Principle of Manuscript Illumination & 'Interweaving Ordinalities' -- Ordinal Spectral Color-Coding Standard for E. D. Text+ Modules..



Encyclopedia Dialectica NOTATION --  


The Principle of Manuscript Illumination


'Interweaving Ordinalities' --


E. D. Standard Ordinal Spectral Color-Coding 

for Text ['''phonograms'''], '''Ideograms''' & '''Pictograms'''.  

Dear Readers,

A module presenting and discussing the E.D. [Encyclopedia Dialectica] Notational Standard for Visible-Light-Spectrum-based Ordinal Color-Coding of text ['phonogramic symbols'], Dialectical Category-Symbol ideograms, and diagrams ['pictogramic symbols'], as reflecting their '''ordinalitities''' in their standard Categorial Progressions, has recently been cleared for posting to the Glossary Page.

I have also posted, below, a JPEG image of that new module, together with that of an earlier specification of this notational standard, for your convenience.



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