Saturday, December 12, 2015

Seldon Speaks: Historical Periodization.

Full Title -- Seldon SpeaksImmanent, Ontological Historical Periodization.

Dear Readers,

It has been my pleasure to share with you, from time to time, seminal selections from the sayings, shared by him among we of F.E.D., by F.E.D.’s co-founder, Karl Seldon. 

Today, once again, I have the opportunity to share with you a succinct assertion, by him, of a key principle of the F.E.D. model-building practice: Immanent Periodization --

The periodization of nature, of natural history, of the dialectic of nature, should be ontological, if it is to be non-arbitrary; if it is to converge upon reconstructive-empirical objectivity.”

“A new epoch, for a dyadic meta-model, should be defined as beginning with the beginning in existence -- with the widespread irruption into existence -- of a next self-hybrid[self-meta-monad-ized] onto [ontological category] of a next neo-meta-«arithmos»’.”

That epoch should end only with the ‘‘‘real subsumption’’’ of portions of essentially all previously-irrupted ontos still in existence, by that latest self-hybrid onto, and after the irruption, by self-subsumption of that latest, ‘meta-meristemal’, self-hybridonto, of a yet newer/nexter/latest ‘meta-meristemal’, self-hybrid onto, commencing the ‘‘‘formal subsumption’’’ , by that latest onto, of all previously-irrupted ontos [that have continued in existence] -- including of the most recent formerly ‘meta-meristemal, self-hybrid onto, that this latest self-hybrid onto has just superseded.



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