Monday, December 14, 2015

Seldon Speaks: 'The Self-ReflUxive Universe'.

Full Title -- Seldon Speaks:  The Self-Refluxive Universe [cf. Arthur Young].

[Comprehensive Cosmological Karmicity].

Dear Readers,

It has been my pleasure to share with you, from time to time, selections from the seminal sayings -- shared by him among we of F.E.D. -- by F.E.D.’s co-founder, Karl Seldon. 

Today, once again, I have the opportunity to share with you a such a saying, which I am naming:  The Self-Refluxive Universe [Comprehensive Cosmological Karmicity] --

Our self-refluxive universe winds, is a winding -- a winding that winds upon itself.”

“Old Chardin often called this process “self-involution”.”

“Such a universe -- our universe -- exhibits a demystified version of the “law” of karma [“action”]:  a recurrent, ubiquitous pattern of the ‘flowing-back-to-self’ -- of the ‘self-refluxion’ -- of action, upon the source of action.”

“That is, the consequences of the ‘‘‘self-activity’’’ [cf. Marx] of such a universe, of the activity of all of its [ontological] contents, in any given epoch of its existence/activity/process, is describable as a self-re-fluxion -- as a flowing [fluxion, cf. Newton], of “it[self]”, as activity, back [re-”] upon “it[self]”, as activity.”

“That very [self-]activity, acting back upon itself, occurring to itself, applying to itself, operating upon and changing itself, acting upon/interacting with the whole [accessible] universe; upon/with the totality -- itself included -- not just quantitatively, but qualitatively, even ontologically -- ‘self-refluxing’ -- thereby results in the ontological ‘self-meta-evolution’, or ‘self-revolution’, of that «kosmos»; of its ontological content.”

“That is precisely what the ontological-categorial dyadic-dialectical meta-equation --
--  is designed to capture algebraically, ideographically, as a categorial-dialectical, ontological «characteristica universalis» [cf. Leibniz] description -- i.e., as a dynamical [cf. Herakleitos], «arithmoi» [cf. Pythagoras] description; as a ‘self-expandingly’ self-reproducing, «eidetikoi» [cf. Plato] description, or ‘«katêgoríai eidetikoi»’ [cf. Aristotle; cf. Hegel] description -- of the universal natural history of our «kosmos» to-date, and beyond, grasped as a unified dialectic of nature [cf. Engels].



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