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Continuation of ‘The Dialectic of Social Equity’.


Continuation of The Dialectic of Social Equity.




Dear Reader,


This blog-entry is for the purpose of describing for you a recent advance in our conception of The Dialectic of Social Equity, i.e., on the part of the F.E.D. research collective.  



The Seldonian ‘Dialectic of/within the «Genos» of Social Equity’, as we have publicly presented it up until now, and as depicted by the ‘dialectogram’ below, involves a first species category of ‘eXclusive equities’ – e.g., consider its Capital equities sub-species, legally establishing social equity for capital equity shareholders, owners of capital, alone – in opposition to our predicted, not yet widely instantiated species-category of ‘iNclusive equities’, i.e., of all-citizen social equities.


That ‘dialectogram’, and its associated public presentations, explicitly breaks out our hypothesized three sub1-species categories of that species-category of ‘iNclusive equities’: ‘Citizen Externality Equities’, followed by ‘Citizen Birthright Equities’, followed by ‘Citizen Stewardship Equities’.


This first, ‘Citizen Externality Equities’ sub1-species category of the ‘iNclusive equities’ species-category, represents the quality of a constitutionally-established human right of ‘‘‘collective property’’’, exercised by public balloting, with ‘public boards’ candidates grouped by the places of residence of the public, popular electorate.


This first, ‘Citizen Externality Equities’ sub1-species category of ‘iNclusive equities’ is opposed by a second, ‘Citizen Birthright Equities’ sub1-species category, representing the quality of a constitutionally-established human right of socially-provided ‘‘‘personal property’’’, exercised separately, by individual citizen-persons, but under constitutional and statutory “moral hazard” social constraints, and provided simply by right of birth, i.e., by right of membership in the human species.


So far, we have a supplementary opposition or antithesis of a collective property right versus a personal property right.


The third and final sub1-species category of the ‘iNclusive equities’ species-category we name ‘Citizen Stewardship Equities’. 


This category represents the quality of a constitutionally-established human right of what Marx called individual property” [Capital I, NW, p. 763]. 


The quality of this third sub-species is contra to both that of the first sub-species, of collective property” right, and to that of the second sub-species, of personal property” right, and to the very opposition between those first two.  


The third sub-species category combines and unifies qualities of each of those earlier two sub-species categories, in a single, third sub-species category.  


This third, individual property” [Marx] social equity right, gives the individual member of a ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’ collective, as a member thereof, a right to a ‘‘‘dual income’’’; to a periodic personal equal share in the net operating surplus of this collective’s ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’ producers’ cooperative, in addition to the right to compensation for skill-level/time-worked for that “association of producers” [Marx].


Returning our attention to the species scale of this ‘qualo-fractal’ scales-regress ‘content-structure’, depicted below, the third species-category is that of a recurrent alternation in the kinds of the key productive enterprises in given sectors of production, oscillating, in many cases, from ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’ enterprises dominance, back to “Capital Equity” enterprises dominance, back to ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’ enterprises dominance, and so on… .


The kind of instability represented by this species-level, oscillatory ‘uni-category’ is suggestive of the transitional character of our predicted new, next prevailing “social relation of production” [Marx] -- that we name ‘‘‘Equitism’’’, or ‘Generalized Social Equity’, or ‘iNclusive Social Equity’ -- in relation/competition with the predecessor predominant “social relation of production” category, e.g., of the capital[/wage-labor]-relation [Marx]. 


The ‘pendulatory’ character of this ‘‘‘dialectical synthesis’’’ category, qNX, is reminiscent of the – much more abstract in scale – first triad of the categories of Hegel’s «Logik», in which the initial opposition between the category “Being”, qB, and the category “Nothing”, qN is “resolved” by/in the category of “BeComing”, qNB |-º C, but only as an oscillation between the first two categories, qN and qB, with ‘coming to Be[ing]’ ‘co-ensuing’ with ‘ceasing [to] Be[ing].


Pursuant to further specifying our prediction of the next transition beyond ‘‘‘Equitism’’’, we extended our hypothesized triadic Seldon function’ Social Equity Domain model-equation –


X3^1  º   X3   |-º   X  ~+~   N   ~+~  qNX  


-- to a  dyadic Seldon function’ Social Equity Domain model-equation –


X2^2  »   X4   |-º   X  ~+~   N   ~+~  qNX   ~+~  qNN  


-- and considered possible solutions for the new, fourth, algebraic category-symbol term qNN.


The algebraic, N or qN-‘‘‘self-reflexive’’’, ‘self-hybrid’ category-term qNN signifies, by its very algebraic structure, an immanent ‘critique-in-acts’, as well as ‘critique-in-thoughts’ -- a ‘‘‘self-critique’’’ -- of our already solved-for “social relations of production” category, qN or N, and of the social acts, social practices, and social institutions to which it refers, plus a new “social relation of production” category as positive fruition of that self-critique self-negation: 

qN(qN)  º  ~(qN)  =  qN ~+~ qNN.


In a Marxian view, this self-critique, and its new-category fruition, is expected to arise out of the further growth of ‘‘‘Equitist’’’ society’s “social forces of production” [Marx], i.e., of the ‘Meta-Darwinian collective fitness’ of that society, as measured by its sustained ‘rate of social reproduction’.  That rate is accelerated by “the growth of the social forces of production”, i.e., of ‘the human-societal self-reproductive self-force of the human species.


One of the consequences of further growth of this ‘human-social self-reproductive force’ is the accelerated cheapening of human labor-power, the market-competitive ‘techno-depreciation’ of the ‘skill-capital’ owned within their persons by individual workers, and the ‘‘‘technological unemployment’’’ resulting from, among other forms in which ‘social-reproductive societal self-force’ manifests: the “automation”, and even the AI ‘robotization’, of social production.


In light of these observations, leading to our so far only tentative and partial solution for the Equity-Domain-commensurate meaning of the ‘categorogram’ qNN, we have identified three sub1-species categories of the still-only-partially-solved-for species-category qNN.


Our first of these predicted qNN sub-categories is one about ‘‘‘Free Money’’’, i.e., about the ‘‘‘Free distribution’’’ of Monetary resources, of Money as consumer revenue generalized use-value, to citizens, as exemplified in concepts of “Universal Basic Income”, and “Negative Income Tax”, etc., already under widespread discussion, and under local experimentation in the past, and presently.


Our second predicted sub-category arises out of the consideration that, with the further growth of productive force, or productivity, many kinds of needed and wanted Goods – specific use-values -- will become so reduced in their unit-cost of [re]production, and so potentially abundant, that it may become a waste of social resources to “ration” their consumption by market price mechanisms. 


Instead, the ‘Equitarian’ -- or ‘Political-Economic-Democratic’ -- government might choose, on the basis of electoral consent, to contract, under competitive bidding, with ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’ producers’ cooperative enterprises, and perhaps also with remaining capital-equity enterprises, paying them to produce and to distribute these classes of Goods to the public, Free-of-charge, e.g., via local ‘‘‘Free Goods Stores’’’ and, e.g. automated, home delivery services.


The third sub-category we expect will be a ‘‘‘complex unity’’’ combination or hybridization of the ‘‘‘Free Monies’’’ sub-category and ‘‘‘Free Goods’’’ sub-category, qGM, the hypothetical commensurate nature of which we are still deliberating.


Given the above, we have converged upon a preliminary designation for this predicted future category as that of ‘‘‘Free Distributions’’’:


qNN |-º F.



We expect, in due course, as our solution for the still largely algebraic-unknown category-symbol qNN |-º F matures, to publish an expanded ‘dialectogram’ for this -- ‘continuated’ -- ‘Dialectic of Social Equity’, depicting the Social Equity-Domain’s qualitatively, ontologically-expanded dialectical model equation –


X2^2  »   X4   |-º   X  ~+~   N   ~+~  qNX   ~+~  F.


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