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‘Everything Eq.’ w/“Dark Energy” as «Arché»: ‘Meta-Genealogy Gap’.


Everything Equation w/Dark Energy as «Arché»: Meta-Genealogy Gap.




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This blog-entry is for the purpose of presenting to you the message from Karl Seldon to the part of the E.D. research collective that will address the development/-critique of the E.D.  “Dark Energy”/“Dark Matter” ‘Dialectical Theory of Everything’ Hypothesis described in a recent blog-entry here:  

F.E.D. Dialectics: ‘Nature-Dialectic: “Dark Energy” as «Arché»' -- Part 05: ‘Seldon on the Record’ Series. ( .  


Seldon –


Unlike the versions of our ‘Theory of [Not-Quite-]Everything Known to Modern Science’ that begin with r or n as «arché»-category, i.e., with “Standard Model particles” in general, or with just the pre-nuclear “non-composite” fermions and bosons, as ‘starting-category’, our newer hypothesis has a ‘meta-genealogy gap’.


Our newer hypothesis, of course, encompasses a cosmological-historical, ‘singular dialectic of Nature’ which encompasses much more than did our previous hypothesis.


That newer hypothesis encompasses also the origin of “pure” space itself -- “pure” in the sense of initially devoid of “Standard Model” ‘particle-matter’, and even devoid of NON-“Standard Model” ‘‘‘Dark Matter’’’ -- as well as the origin of “pure-time” as ‘‘‘Dark Energy’’’, and also a theory of the origin of  “pure gravity” as the initial form of, ‘non-particle’, ‘‘‘Dark Matter’’’.


However, this hypothesis fails to be comprehensively ‘meta-genealogical’, whereas our previous hypotheses, based in r or in n, were comprehensively ‘meta-genealogical’.


This fact may intimate interesting new hypotheses that might be necessary to render ‘‘‘Dark Energy’’’ and ‘‘‘Dark Matter’’’ too as ‘meta-genealogical’, i.e., as both somehow «aufheben»-‘‘‘contained’’’ inside “non-composite” fermions and bosons – i.e., inside quarks and gluons – and, thus, also, as presently contained within our very own human bodies, just as are quarks and gluons, at the very root of each of our own bodily ‘‘‘substance’’’.  Our new hypothesis already provides for an «aufheben» ‘meta-unit-ization’ ‘‘‘containment’’’ of the ‘units of “pure” space’/‘‘‘Dark Energy’’’ inside the warped-space ‘first meta-units’ of ‘‘‘Dark Matter’’’.


Nonetheless, presently, our new hypothesis does not account for a full, ‘self-iterated’ «aufheben» process throughout the epochs of the known, or partially-known, ‘singular dialectic of nature’ to-present [at least -- for the later epochs, i.e., for those epochs that involve “prokaryotic” living cells, “eukaryotic” living cells, and what follows from them, after them, and beyond them, in both our old and our new hypotheses -- to-present for planet Terra.  We do not as yet have scientific evidence that these higher ontologies have arisen on any other planets, or elsewhere than on Earth].


That is, we cannot yet point to a way in which the hypothesized ‘space-units’ of the ‘‘‘Dark Energy’’’ ontology, and the hypothesized  ‘warped-space meta-units’ of the ‘‘‘Dark Matter’’’ ontology, are somehow ‘meta-«monad»-ically’ «aufheben»-contained inside the higher units of every subsequent, extant ‘self-hybrid’ ontological category, from atoms, or from “composite” fermions and bosons, all of the way up the ‘qualo-fractal scale’ of our cosmos, to humanity and, perhaps, to beyond.


We can point to “sub-atomic particles” – e.g., electrons, protons, and neutrons – and argue that the «monads» of their r «arché»-category are «aufheben»-conserved – are ingredient – at ever deeper levels, in the «monads» of every subsequent ‘self-hybrid’ ontological category, all the way up to the presently most advanced known Terran [Å?] ontology, that of human society, and of the living human bodies which that ontology ‘‘‘contains’’’.  All of this higher known ontology, in the deepest analysis of it of which present science is capable, ‘‘‘contains’’’ atoms made of electrons and protons, and neutrons, or, if we take n as our deeper than r «arché»-ontology, are made of ‘‘‘pre-nuclear’’’ “non-composite particles” -- electrons, quarks, gluons, etc. … .


“But we do not yet possess a knowledge that would explain how, e.g., human societies, and the living human bodies that they ‘‘‘contain’’’,  as well as all of the other, priorly-arisen ‘self-hybrid cosmo-ontos’, are ‘‘‘made of’’’ both ‘‘‘Dark Energy’’’ and ‘‘‘Dark Matter’’’.


‘‘‘Dark Energy’’’ constitutes the “space” which our bodies occupy, or in which our bodies “take place”/inhere.  ‘‘‘Dark Matter’’’, many scientists hold, surrounds and passes through our bodies, in copious quantities, continually, every second of every day, apparently without interacting with our gluons, quarks, photons, electrons, protons, neutrons, etc.”


But we do not know that, or how, patches of ‘‘‘Dark Energy’’’ units, already «aufheben»-contained in ‘‘‘Dark Matter’’’ units, are «aufheben»-incorporated inside -- «aufheben»-contained in -- each of the “non-composite fermions and bosons” that make up our individual bodies at their deepest-known levels.


“This includes not knowing how “Standard Model” matter units – i.e., [with the exception of neutrinos, actually or potentially ]‘Bright Matter’ units, or “Standard Model of Particle Physics particles” – «aufheben», ‘meta-«monad»-ically’ contain ‘‘‘Dark Matter’’’ units as their sub-units.


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