Friday, September 10, 2021

New Web Page on ‘Dialectical Method/THOUGHT-TECH’.


New Web Page

onDialectical Method/THOUGHT-TECH.







Dear Reader,




I am happy to call to your attention a new web page, which gathers together previously- scattered texts on the topic of Dialectical Method/THOUGHT-TECH.


The URLs for this new web compendium are as follows –


DialecticalThoughtTech-v1_05.htm (


F.E.D._,_Hermes_de_Nemores_,_'Hegel's_'''Algorithm'''_for_Dialectic.'_,_Parts_I._and_II._,_Last_Updated_27JAN2017.pdf (


F.E.D._,_Aoristos_Dyosphainthos_,_v.2.1_,_'Marx's_Dialectical_Method.'_,_Part_I._,_Last_Updated_07MAR2017 (


F.E.D._,_Karl_H._Seldon_,_v.4.1_,_'Universal_Algorithmic-Heuristic_Categorial-Combinatoric_Ideographical_Dialectical_Method'_,_Last_Updated_27JUL2021 (


For more information regarding these Seldonian insights, please see --








For partially pictographical, ‘poster-ized’ visualizations of many of these Seldonian insights -- specimens of dialectical art -- see:
















Miguel Detonacciones,


Voting Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.];

Elected Member, F.E.D. General Council;

Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison;

Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.





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