Saturday, September 11, 2021

Toward a REAL Psychohistory, and a REAL Foundation, here on Earth!

Dear Readers,

I today posted the following comment to postings regarding the forthcoming Apple TV+ video streaming series version of Asimov's 'Foundation Heptalogy' --

It is my hope that the widespread exposure to Asimov's seven Foundation novels, brought about by the soon-to-launch Apple TV+ video-streaming series, will lead many to seek to create a real psychohistory, and a real Foundation, at the scale of planet Earth, to avert, or to foreshorten, the New Dark Age -- the likely Final Dark Age -- that looms for planet Earth, due to the perversion, by the plutocracy, of the grassroots anti-pollution movement, into a 'humanocidal' "People are Pollution" ideology.



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