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Aphorisms aligned with the F.E.D. Dialectical "Theory of Everything": #3

Aphorisms aligned with the F.E.D. Dialectical "Theory of Everything":  #3

Dear Readers,

Aphorism #3, for the F.E.D. "Dyadic Seldon Function" --

"Onto-<<dynamis>> both symbolizes and simulates "onto-dynamasis".

1.  An "onto" in F.E.D. parlance means "ontological category", i.e., an <<arithmos>>, or population of <<monads>>, or of "ontological units", or of "ontological individuals", all belonging to the same "kind", e.g., to the same <<genos>>.

For more about this and related terms, see --

2.  The word <<dynamis>>, the etymological root of the modern English term "dynamics" -- in the ancient Greek language of Diophantus of Alexandria, circa 250 C.E., as it is used in the surviving portions of the manuscripts of the first known work of ["syncopated"] ideographical-symbolical algebra, which was entitled The <<Arithmetike'>> -- meant "power", in general, and "squaring" in particular. 

Diophantus wrote, in those ancient <<arithmetike'>> manuscripts, famous among historians of mathematics [and among F.E.D. psychohistorians], as follows --

"All numbers [<<arithmoi>> -- M.D.] are made up of some multitude of units [<<monads>> -- M.D.] . . . . Among them are -- squares, which are formed when any number [<<arithmos>> -- M.D.] is multiplied by itself; the number itself is called the side of the square; . . . Now each of these numbers [<<arithmoi>> -- M.D.], which have been given abbreviated names, is recognized as an element in arithmetical science; the square [of the unknown quantity] is called dynamis, and its sign is [Greek capital letter delta -- M.D.] with the index [superscript -- M.D.] Y [the Greek capital letter psi], that is [delta]^Y . . .". 

I.e., Diophantus's "syncopation", or abbreviation, for the ancient Greek word <<DYnamis>> was the capitalization of its first Greek letter, followed by the superscription of the capitalization of its second Greek letter.

[Victor J. Katz, A History of MathematicsAn Introduction, second edition, Addison-Wesley [NY: 1998], p. 174, typography adapted to that available for Google blogs by F.E.D.].

3.  The word "onto-dynamasis" is an F.E.D. coinage which means the production of new "kinds" of being/becoming, of new, "meta", "ontology", from -- and as a result of the "self-intra-action" of, or "squaring" of -- "old", already extant "kinds" of being/becoming, e.g., the generation of new <<gene>> as a result of the interaction, or "squaring", of the <<monads>> of previously-/presently-existent, earlier-first-extant <<gene>>, or "numbers" [<<arithmoi>>], of <<monads>>.

For more about this and related terms, see --

So, in sum[mary], this aphorism means that the burgeoning of new ontology in the universe as a whole -- or in subsumed [sub-]universes of discourse within that whole -- can be both symbolically represented by, and simultaneously symbolically simulated by, the self-juxtapositioning, or [dyadic] "squaring", of the "dialector" symbols which represent the predecessor "self-hybrid" ontology.

"Self-iterated" dyadicity of, self-juxtapositioning of, or "squaring" of ontological category symbols constitutes the very "semantico-syntactical" heart of the Dyadic Seldon Function in general, and of the F.E.D. Dialectical "Theory of Everything" Equation in particular.



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