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Open Letter to "Occupy Wall Street" & the Global People's Assemblies Movement from the Equitist Advocacy Group

Open Letter to "Occupy Wall Street" & the Global People's Assemblies Movement from the Equitist Advocacy Group [E.A.G.]

Dear Readers,

As I have noted previously in this blog, the proposals, by the E.A.G. [Equitist Advocacy Group] for the "Equitarian reforms", and for the "Equitarian social revolution", and their conception of "Generalized Equity" as the central social relation basing the successor system to the present, capital-relation-based socio-political-economic system, now failing globally, have their roots in the application of F.E.D. Dialectics to the dialectical "meta-modeling" of the historical "meta-evolution" of the human-social relations of expanding human-societal self-re-production.

Evidence for my claim of the F.E.D. provenance of the Equitist theory can be found via the following links --

[See section IV. of "Zoom-In Map" outline of contents, entitled "Applications"];

[See pp. B-32 through B-37].
[See section entitled " 'Re-Constructive' vs. 'Pre-Constructive' [Predictive] Modeling of the Transition Using an 'Intensional-Intuitional', Heuristic Dialectical Algebra "].

I have therefore decided to include, in this blog-entry, the text of an -- unusually brief [3-page] -- summary on the present strategic situation of the human <<species>>, both vis-à-vis its explicit, outer adversary, the Rockefeller/Morgan/Rothschild "humanocidal" plutocracy, and also vis-à-vis its inner adversary:  ideology [in Marx's sense], that the E.A.G. has been circulating as a leaflet at rallies of the "Occupy Wall Street" / "People's Assemblies" movements that I have participated in recently.



Here, in its entirety, is that text --


The Capitals-System No Longer Works, Even to the Extent It Once Did


The Global Failure of the Present System
The Emergence of a Successor System

DIAGNOSIS: The self-continuation of the capitals system predictably concentrates predominant capital ownership, & therefore predominant monetary power, & therefore predominant political power, in ever fewer hands.

This concentration of money-power has concentrated real political power in a handful of plutocratic, humanocidal crime-families -- power that escapes all existing democratic-constitutional, merely-political checks & balances -- as these plutocratic families prostitute the executive, legislative, & judicial branches of government at all levels to their “Big Money”, & assassinate those leaders who they cannot prostitute.

Example:  The international political machine of those serial mass murderers, the "Eugenicist"-humanocidal Rockefeller Mega-Crime Family, which conducts their global “invisible dictatorship” [in part, via Exxon-Mobil, J. P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, the Rockefeller Foundations, the Federal Reserve, the American Medical Association, the Baptist Church, the New York Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, etc., etc.].

These ruling plutocratic families then apply their concentrated political-economic power to attack a growing threat to that power inherent in the later competitive capitals-system itself: that of an accelerating technological obsolescence depreciation. "Techno-depreciation" destroys the capital-value of their capital plant and equipment, & of its products, in industries they directly own [e.g., oil], & induces defaults on their banks’ humongous loans for capital plant & equipment to other industries’ owners, whom they control, in part, by such debt. The improved products/productivity that this "techno-depreciation" process reflects betters life/reduces life-cost for most of humanity, but is anathema to the "1%".

Example:  The advent of zero-radioactivity fusion power generators would soon essentially zero-out the capital-value of the Rockefeller Exxon-Mobil corporation's global plant & equipment investments, & of their product:  oil.

Plutocracys Reaction to the Above-Defined Techno-Depreciation Threat to their Power

(1.) In the periphery of the core capital-based countries [US/UK/Europe], the plutocracy moves to –

  • Create the Third World. They set up military/comprador dictatorships throughout the not-yet-industrialized periphery -- in Latin America, Asia, & Africa -- to suppress the technological depreciation threat of low-wage/latest capital plant & equipment rapid industrialization there [which “worked”, until the post-WWII industrialization-renaissance of Japan, then the recent resurgence of China/Brazil/India. Japan's ongoing national depression, ever since 1989, via "Bubble Engineering", starting in real estate, was a "dress rehearsal" for the global asset bubble/collapse, also engineered by the "Rocke-Nazis"/"Rothe-Nazis", & manifest since 2008].
  • Impose a Meta-Nazi Regime there. This plutocracy imposes, internationally, their “meta-dictatorship", based upon their heterogeneous multiplicity of national military/local-oligarchy servant-dictatorships in the thus-impoverished nations of the resulting “Third World”, in Latin America, Africa & Asia.
  • Propagate Genetically-Engineered, Population Reduction Designer Diseases thereExample:  AIDS.

    (2.) In the core capital-based countries [US/UK/Europe], the plutocracy moves to –

    • Impose the Income Tax to make the working class, and the smaller, weaker capital-owners, pay the military arms-supply & invasion/“intelligence”/secret police costs of maintaining the Meta-Nazi regime in the Third World [Example:  U.S. 16th Constitutional Amendment, adopted in 1913].
    • Impose fiat money central banking regimes [Example:  The U.S. “Federal Reserve”, created in 1913].
    • Impose Permanent Inflation via fiat currency central banks, to make the working class and the small capital owners pay for the ongoing "techno-depreciation" that the plutocratic “invisible dictatorship” can’t otherwise suppress.  
    Example --

    • Cripple / assassinate technological innovatorsExamples:  Preston Tucker, John DeLorean, Philo Farnsworth, Dr. Eugene Mallove, Dr. Robert Bussard, Steve Jobs.
    • Massively fund population reduction ideologies/policies/practices. Examples: Rockefeller/Nazi “Eugenics” [pre-WWII]; anti-technology, neo-Malthusian, pro-humanocide people are pollution ideologies [today].
    • Bring the Third World Home via plutocracy-captive government policies of middle class impoverishment – Examples:  job-theft, home-theft, pension-theft, planned Social Security/Medicare repeal, destruction of access to higher education, medical costs hyperinflation [Note:  It was John D. Rockefeller himself who orchestrated the ascendancy of the American Medical Association, the suppression of naturopathy, etc.], setting the stage to “bring home” the “Third World” periphery-style open/visible dictatorships to the “First World” core.  Their Goalmake life increasingly impossible for the majority, including by making life increasingly unaffordable for the majority.

     (3.) Overall – Engineer a Global Depression to enable Global Totalitarian, Humanocidal Dictatorship

    •  1930s -- Global Great Depression I.:  The Rockefeller/Morgan/Rothschild plutocracy created the 1930s Global Great Depression via their technology of “Capital Asset Bubble Engineering”, imposed their totalitarian, genocidal servant-dictatorships in Spain [Franco], Portugal [Salazar], Italy [Mussolini], Hungary [Horthy], Argentina [Castillo/Peron], Japan [Hirohito/Tojo], China [Chiang Kai Shek], Russia [Stalin], and Germany [Hitler], & attempted a military coup in the U.S. [under General Schmedly D. Butler]. Hitler’s “Franken-Dictator” turn against that plutocracy, aiming to “take their place” of global dictatorship for himself, aborted this, their first attempt at a global meta-Nazi meta-dictatorship. "Second World", Stalinist/Maoist state-capitalist totalitarian/genocidal dictatorships in Russia and China, vying with the Rocke-Nazis/Rothe-Nazis for world dictatorship after WWII, blocked any Rocke-Nazi/Rothe-Nazi Great Depression 2nd try, until after 1989.
    • The Present -- Global Great Depression II.: Rockefeller banks -- J. P. Morgan Chase/Citibank/Bank of America/Goldman Sachs – concocted fictitious capital derivatives, fraudulently foisted as “high return/low risk” assets, aided by capital asset rating agency fraudulent triple-A ratings of these "assets", duping other banks world-wide to fork over their liquid actual capital to buy these mortgage-backed pseudo-assets. These "assets'" values/returns were then collapsed, using the usual "bubble-engineering" tech., crashing stock markets world-wide; rendering millions of workers job-less, home-less, 401(k)-less, & pension-less; plunging capital reserve ratios of duped buyer-banks to insolvency levels. Central banks & governments in US/UK/Europe responded, per plan, transferring this private bank/corporation fictitious capital debt to taxpayers, handing trillions of taxpayer dollars for these criminal/dupe banks & other corporations. This converted a private debt crisis into a public, sovereign debt crisis in the US/UK/Europe, to "justify" repeal of pensions/social safety nets [U.S. Examples: planned Social Security/Medicare "reform"], & to impose hyper-contractionary “austerity” against the working class, with escalation of education & medical costs, etc., in the US, UK, Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, etc.  Such "austerity" induces drastically deepened global economic collapse, now targeted by the plutocracy for ~ 2013, to impose state-capitalist, totalitarian rule, & catastrophic “population reduction”, against all working classes, once the plutocracy consolidates their global “meta-dictatorship". Worldwide Police-state, state-capitalist dictatorships, dealing out humanocide to the working/“middle” class globally, is now the only way that the Rocke-Nazi/Rothe-Nazi plutocrats see to preserve their global power against middle-class/democracy expansion & accelerating technological progress. The time has come for we the people to end the plutocracy’s power, globally, before they "end" us!  The only power that can save our lives now is our own collective power.



    via --

    • International boycotts of the products & “services” of global corporations who prostitute government policies.
    • Equitarian Constitutional Reform / Equitarian Non-Violent Social Revolution -- Constitutional establishment, via global ‘‘‘populist’’’ up-rising, of new, Universal Citizen Equity Rights, creating ECONOMIC checks-&-balances, to resuscitate the existing, political-only checks-&-balances, vitiated by concentrated economic power:

      1.     Citizen Externality Equity Rights – Popularly-elected, Boards of Public Directors in all localities, constraining the production of pollution, etc., “externalities” by enterprise local operating units’ private boards of directors / management committees. Popularly-elected Associations of Public Directors at the local, regional, national, &, eventually, continental & global levels reshape the geography of human society.

      2.     Citizen Birthright Equity Rights – A Social Trust Fund for each newborn Citizen, by right of birth, to help defray lifetime costs of education, re-training, health care, housing, etc., with legislated expenditure rules.

      3.   Citizen Stewardship Equity Rights – Competing, Citizen self-organized producers’ cooperatives that have qualifying business plans, & that are democratically self-managed internally, are granted stewardship of the social property needed to launch their cooperative enterprises, & to conduct their business plans, with two income streams for each stewardship cooperative member:  an equal share in net profits of each stewardship cooperative for each of its members, & a job-based, skills-based competitive salary for each of its members.

                        By:  The Equitist Advocacy Group.   

                        See draft Constitutional Amendments at

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