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Universal Principles of Marxian, Dialectical Science, 2

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This post is part 2 of a new series designed to present the Principles behind the F.E.D. Dialectical "Theory of Everything" in a less mathematical, more broadly accessible, and briefer form.

Universal Principles of Marxian, Dialectical Science, 2:

Original Accumulation
versus Reproductive Accumulation.

This principle is a generalization of those presented by Marx in Capital, volume I, Part VII, Chapters XXIV. and XXV., and Part VIII, Chapters XXVI. and XXXII.

Suppose, for a given epoch, call it w, of a still-progressing historical-dialectical progression of instantiated systems, or of instantiated ontological categories, connoting various kinds, or <<species>>, of units, or of <<monads>>, or of holons, gathered together into "numbers", or "populations", or <<arithmoi>>, that this historical progression, which begins with the system/ontological category/population/"number" of <<monads>> denoted A, for <<Arche'>>, and, so far, through the end of epoch w, ends with X, as the last-born, latest, "meta-meristemal" ["growing-edge"] <<arithmos>> of <<monads>> for epoch w.

Then, in the epoch
w+1 meta-model "Possibility-Space", there will appear a new, successor "meta-meristemal" <<arithmos>> symbol, q/XX = Y, wherein q/XX connotes the "self-conversion", or "self-subsumption", or "self-internalization", of the <<monads>> of the X <<arithmos>>, such that Y denotes an <<arithmos>> of new-kind <<monads>>, which are "meta-<<monads>>" relative to the <<monads>> of the X <<arithmos>>.

The process intended by the symbol
q/XX is that of an "original accumulation", or "primitive accumulation", of the <<monads>> of kind Y.


a. the generation, via "cosmological nucleosynthesis", of, mainly, Hydrogen and Helium atoms, occurring before the first appearance of stars and of stellar nucleosynthesis of Helium atoms, as well as, later, of atoms of higher "atomic species" -- ..., Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, etc., all the way up to Iron -- the latter constituting what F.E.D. terms the "reproductive accumulation" of "atomic species".

b. Original accumulation of proto-capital-value wealth, occurring before the advent of the cyclical/helical process of crisis-mediated expanded social reproduction, driven by the reproduction of capital on an extended scale, the latter constituting what F.E.D. terms the "reproductive accumulation" of capital-value.

Such processes, of "original accumulation", are typically irruptive, relatively short-lived, and "irrepeatable" in the loci of their occurrence.

Such processes typically result in, or arise from, what
F.E.D. terms "resonance singularities", as opposed to "depletion singularities" [The latter two terms are planned to be defined in a subsequent post.].

In the epoch
w+1 meta-model "Possibility Space" will also appear terms of the form q/XA, and q/XB, and q/XC, and q/XD, etc., wherein B, C, and D intend consecutive previously-metameristemal <<arithmoi>> of <<monads>>, in the consecutive order in which they arose, prior to the later "arisel" of X.

All terms of this latter form represent "hybrids", or [
partial, dialectical] "syntheses", of the X <<arithmos>> of <<monads>> with the <<monads>> of its predecessor <<arithmoi>>, and also represent processes of the "conversion" of some of the <<monads>> of type A, or of type B, or of type C, or of type D, into the "neo-<<monads>>" of type X.

kind of process intended by such symbols, e.g., q/XA, is that of the ongoing, typically long-lasting "reproductive accumulation", or "continuable accumulation", of the <<monads>> of kind X, from the <<monads>> of kind A, a process which typically uses the <<monads>> of type A as "raw material", "resource", and/or "fuel", driving an expanding -- and typically, if transiently, an acceleratedly expanding -- production of new <<monads>> of type X.


a. Stellar fusion nucleosynthesis of Helium atoms from protons [
H^+ ionized Hydrogen atoms], electrons, and neutrons, lasting long on the stellar "Main Sequence" per the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram, as "[cumulative, expandedly-]reproductive accumulation" of the <<monads>> belonging to the ontological category of "atoms".

b. Reproductive accumulation of [primarily industrial] capital as the [self-]reproduction of capital-value "on an extended scale":  capital as [net] "self-expanding value".

Such a process steadily expands the "
number" [<<arithmos>>], or "population size", of the <<monads>> of type X, in a way which also diminishes the "numbers" [<<arithmoi>>], or "populations sizes", of the <<monads>> of type A, B, C and D.

While, on a cosmological scale, such processes typically, given the Principle of the universality of "evolute-ness", never exhaust, or completely use-up, the "
population" of <<monads>> of types A, B, C, or D universally, or globally, such a process may deplete these <<monads>> sufficiently, locally, in some loci, to precipitate a crisis in the self-reproduction, as "reproductive accumulation", of the X type <<monads>> -- a type of crisis that F.E.D. names "metafinite ontological depletion singularity" [the terms "metafinite" and "depletion singularity" are planned to be defined in (a) subsequent post(s)].


a.  "Metafinite depletion singularity" is exemplified by stellar nova, or by a supernova, "super-self-explosion", erupting once the stellar core has been converted to atoms, or <<monads>>, or holons, of the chemical kind known as Iron [whose fusion net-consumes, instead of net-producing, energy, thus representing the complete depletion/exhaustion of potential fusion fuels within the stellar core], and once the resulting re-onset of catastrophic self-gravitational stellar collapse ensues.

b. [Prediction]: "Metafinite depletion singularity" will also be exemplified by the human-social self-explosion of globalized capitalist society, in the form of global proletarian human-social revolution, erupting once sufficient depletion of past-accumulated plant and equipment capital-value, resulting from "techno-depreciation" devaluation [growth-of-the-productive-forces-induced depreciation, or "de-capital-ization",  of fixed capital], has occurred, a human-social revolution triggered by the catastrophic, "collapsive", contracted social-reproductive consequences, for the global working class, of this "techno-depreciation" so long as the process of human social reproduction is under the control of the descendant-phase capitalist ruling class.



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