Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Part 14 -- Some Help with "Getting a Handle" on F.E.D. Dialectics: The Dialectic of the Seldonian Dialectical Arithmetics Themselves.






[Note:  This topic will also be continued further in my next blog entry]. 


-- for all n, k, j, and i, in an(t), mkj(t), and ukji, plus all t, f, g, h, l, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z, all in N

-- each unit, or <<monad>>, of which has the form of a "non-reductive, non-amalgamative fraction", with a system qualifier,
an [quantified by an(t), to count the number / population of this <<species>> of system that is extant as time, t, advances] as "numerator", and a non-amalgamative sum of mnk(t)-quantified and state-variable-qualified metrical qualifiers as the "denominator", thus expressing a generic, explicitly "quanto-qualified" solution-function for the state-space trajectory and/or for the control-parameter-space path -- in short, for potentially the entire course of [self-induced-cum-other-induced]development -- in what F.E.D. terms "unified, state-/control meta-space" -- of a generic dynamical system, but with, as yet, no linguistic capacity for any explicit co-exhibition of the dynamics [ and meta-dynamics"] of any included sub^n-systems, the linguistic capability for the latter arising only beginning with the

q/31 (---] Nq/BAMQN   =   Nq/BAMU   =   "Beta-[Alpha-]Mu_" arithmetic.  

[Example(s) of this dialectical arithmetic in use --

-- slide


q/16 (---] Nq/AA   =   Nq/B   =   NB_   =  

the fourth "contra-system" -- actually "contra" to all fifteen of the first five triads + of N-based arithmetical systems -- the N-based arithmetical system of the "purely-qualitative", "unquantifiable system qualifiers", either in the sense of a still-implicitly two-level "dynamical super^1-system", or of a still-implicitly two-level, e.g., <<genos>>/<<species>>, "ideo-systematics", "ideo-classification", or "ideo-taxonomy", i.e., a trans-Platonian <<arithmoi eidetikoi>>;

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