Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Part 15 -- Some Help with "Getting a Handle" on F.E.D. Dialectics: The Dialectic of the Seldonian Dialectical Arithmetics Themselves.


[Note:  This topic will also be continued further in my next blog entry].

space --  

NB   =   { b/1, b/2, b/3, b/4, . . .}  =  { b1, b2, b3, b4, ...}.

It seems to me that many of the systems of dialectical arithmetic in this "meta-system-atic" systems-progression are strictly presentational / pedagogical / illustrative in character, in terms of presenting, step-by-step, all of the discrete steps necessary to the construction of the dialectical arithmetics that are more useful in scientific [meta-]modeling applications.

The more useful dialectical arithmetics tend to be either the R-based, or "Real" Numbers based, "quanto-qualitative" "full uni-thesis", or "grand synthesis", dialectical-arithmetical systems, which use R [---) q/1 as their <<arche'>>, rather than N, such as the --

q/3 (---] RU_ 

-- or the  --

 q/7 (---] Rq/MU 

-- or the --

q/15 (---] Rq/AMU 

systems, in the R-parallel portion of that systems-progression "explicitized" above, or such as the pure-qualitative systems of dialectical arithmetic, e.g., the N-based --  

q/24 (---] Nq/BA 

[example(s) in use -- -- slide 7], 

-- or the --

q/56 (---] Nq/GBA 

[example(s) in use -- -- slide 35]

-- or the -- 

 q/120 (---] Nq/DGBA 

[example(s) in use -- -- slides 10 through 11

-- systems of dialectical arithmetic, which can explicitly model trans-Platonian, human-phenomic <<arithmoi eidetikoi>> dialectical systematizations, with, e.g., two explicit levels of "ideo-taxonomy" [Nq/BA], three explicit levels of "ideo-taxonomy" [Nq/GBA], or four explicit levels of "ideo-taxonomy" [Nq/DGBA], etc., wherein "A" stands for the first Greek [capital] letter, "Alpha", "B" for the second Greek [capital] letter, "Beta", "G" for the third Greek [capital] letter, "Gamma", and "D" for the fourth Greek [capital] letter "Delta", in [Greek] alphabetical order.






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