Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Part 6 -- Some Help with "Getting a Handle" on F.E.D. Dialectics.


[Note:  This topic will also be continued further in my next blog entry].

... for all mn, and all unk, and all n, and all k, plus w, x, y, and z, all in N

-- which provides a fully-algorithmic, "non-syncopated" arithmetic for "dimensional analysis"; a fully ideographical algebra for "units-of-measure" quanto-qualitative calculation, i.e., for --

cms. x secs.   ~< & ~= & ~>   cms.; 

cms. x cms.   =   cms.^1 x cms.^1   =   cms.^2    ~< & ~= & ~>    cms.^1, etc.

[Example(s) of this dialectical arithmetic in use --

-- pages
I-34 through I-37, and --

-- pages
A-12 through A-14, and A-18 through A-21];


q/8 (---] Nq/MM   =   NA_   =  
the third "contra-system" -- actually "contra" to all seven of to the first two triads + of N-based arithmetical systems -- the N-based arithmetical system of the "purely-qualitative", "unquantifiable system qualifiers", either in the sense of either a "dynamical system", or of a "systematics" classification or taxonomy;

space NA   =   { a/1, a/2, a/3, a/4, ...}   =   { a1, a2, a3, a4, ...};


q/9 (---] Nq/AN   = 
the third partial "uni-system"; the N-based arithmetical system of the "qualo-quantitative", or "quanto-qualitative", dialectical "meta-numbers" as a system of "quantifiable system qualifiers", or, equivalently, of "system-qualifiable quantifiers";

Nq/AN  =  { a1xa1, a2xa2, a3xa3, a4xa4, ...}

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