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Self-Aufheben = Self-Transformation & Self-Elevation & Self-Preservation

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SUMMARY of F.E.D.'s 'Dialectical Theory of Everything':

There is a single, singular 'Dialectic of Nature' as a whole, a single, recurrent self-<<aufheben>> process, which began with sub-nuclear "particles", and which has "ended", so far, to our present knowledge, with human societies.

The universal process named, in the statement above, by the word 'self-<<aufheben>>' is based upon the German word, <<aufheben>>, celebrated by Hegel as an irruption of dialectical meaning from within concrete, everyday, non-philosophical/-technical language.

It means a process -- like lifting a stone from the ground up to eye-level, as to examine that stone -- which, in a single movement, (1) negates/changes/cancels/annulls the original 'posit-tion' of the stone, (2) elevates that stone's 'posi-tion', to a higher 'posit-tion', and also (3) preserves the stone in its core reality [as opposed to "abstractly negating" it, i.e., supposedly converting it from a determinate 'some-thing', into a determinations-less 'noth-ing'].

Hegel's accounts of the meaning of this word usually neglect to mention the second -- the "elevation" -- moment, included above.

The reflexive form, 'self-<<aufheben>>', means that the entity which is undergoing or which has undergone the <<aufheben>> process was also the agent or subject which induced that process, rather than the <<aufheben>> process having been induced by some external agent or subject -- by some "other".

The example of lifting a stone invokes a human subject as the agent of the <<aufheben>> action.

In a 'self-<<aufheben>>' action, the object of the 'self-<<aufheben>>' action would also be the subject or agent of that action, would be a subject/object that so "raised itself".

If the particular version of the 'self-<<aufheben>>' verb involved in a particular case of this process is grasped as the action-essence or essential activity of the subject/object that performs this action upon itself, then that 'subject/object-identical' is also grasped as a 'subject/verb/object-identical' -- as a 'dialectical eventity'.

A concrete instance of this universal process is the formation of the "molecules" in intragalactic interstellar clouds of "atoms".

The "atom" units in these intragalactic clouds, once a sufficient population and spatial concentration of atoms is achieved, become proximate enough in many loci for their inter-atomic forces engage, resulting in the formation of new higher units, "molecule" units.

For example, Hydrogen atoms and Oxygen atoms form water molecules --

2H + O <---> H2O

-- such that these atoms have, as a single movement, changing themselves, by raising themselves above the atomic-only level of organization, into the higher, the molecular level of organization, which they have also created by that very process of self-elevation, which is also a process of self-transformation [determinate self-negation] and self-preservation.

The constituent atom units are 'self-preserved' because they remain present in the molecule unit that they created, although ''subsumed'' in that new creation of theirs.



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