Saturday, December 29, 2012

Terran Humanity at the Brink -- First Ever Interview with F.E.D. Co-Founder Karl Seldon

Dear Readers,

I urge you to be on the lookout for the first interview with F.E.D. co-founder Dr. Karl H. Seldon ever published --

-- which promises to contain some revelations about the present global strategic situation of the rest of humanity, vis-a-vis the "1% of the 1%", predominant, ultra-vicious, "Eugenics" faction of the capitalist ruling class.



 P.S.  F.E.D.-unfamiliar readers take note:  The title of this interview -- "Terran Humanity at the Brink" -- is a reference to Dr. Seldon's famous First Afterword to the partially-extant e-Book Dialectical Ideography, co-authored by Dr. Seldon and F.E.D. co-founder Sophya St. Germain:

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