Thursday, December 27, 2012

F.E.D. Press Publishes ‘qBook’ Novella by Frequent F.E.D. Websites Guest Author Joy-to-You

Dear Readers,

F.E.D. Press recently announced the publishing of its second book, a novella about “ Dialectics andqNumbers ”, the full title of which is --

Creating a Quality World using Heartful Dialog 
 (Dialectics and qNumbers)
-- authored by a frequent guest author on F.E.D. websites [e.g., see four of his previous F.E.D. essays posted to the website, via the following links --

], who writes ‘pseudonymously’, under the pen name Joy-to-You.

Regarding this first-ever literary work on F.E.D. Dialectics, Foundation co-founder Dr. Karl Seldon has recently written: “This new, brief novella provides the most broadly accessible introduction to the Q dialectical arithmetic that is presently known to us.  Ironically -- though perhaps not so surprisingly, after all -- it has been written, not by one of us, but by a non-member ally of the Foundation.” [excerpt].

This book is now available, as a PDF file, for you to download, free-of-charge, from the F.E.D. Press Page.

Those interested may want to keep an eye, over the coming days, on the F.E.D. Press Page, for the appearance of an option for you to order copies of a paperback book version of this new novella, and on the Welcome Page, for notice of the posting of further background and introductory information about this new novella, from F.E.D. General Secretary Hermes de Nemores, who worked closely with Joy-to-You during the latter’s development of this novella.



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