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Dialectic is the Organizing Principle of the Universe, of Nature as Totality

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The latest Vignette by F.E.D. Public Liaison Officer Aoristos Dysophainthos has just been posted to the website.  I reproduce it here, below, for your cognitive pleasure.



                                                                   F.E.D. Vignette #7 --

    Dialectic is the Organizing Principle

of the «Kosmos», of Nature as Totality

                                                                     by Aoristos Dyosphainthos

Authors Preface.  The purpose of Vignette #7 is to present a progression of assertions of increasing specificity as to the universality of «aufheben» dialectic, as the very nature of Nature.

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A Progression of Assertions Regarding the ‘‘‘«Aufheben» Dialecticality’’’ of our «Kosmos»: 

1.  The organizing principle of the cosmos is dialectic.

2.  The organizing principle of the cosmos is «aufheben» dialectic.

3.  The organizing principle of the physical cosmos is [self-aufheben» dialectic.

4.  The organizing principle of the physical cosmos is [self-aufheben» dialectic, synchronically and diachronically.

5.  The organizing principle of the physical cosmos is [self-aufheben» dialectic, in the concrete, physical, material form of [self-]meta-monadization*, both synchronically [as in ‘‘‘systematic dialectics’’’] and diachronically [as in ‘‘‘historical dialectics’’’].

6.  The organizing principle of the physical cosmos is [self-aufheben» dialectic, in the concrete, physical, material form of meta-fractal** [self-]meta-monadization*, both synchronically [as in ‘‘‘systematic dialectics’’’***, and in the presentational mode of meta-systematic dialectics***, for almost purely human-‘ideic’/-‘psycheic’ systems-progressions, e.g., axioms-systems progressions] and diachronically [as in ‘‘‘historical dialectics’’’***, and in the historical mode of meta-systematic dialectics***, for almost purely physical, or at least partly physical, systems, in terms of their systems-progressions, e.g., pre-human-natural “systems”, and in psychohistorical dialectics***’, for mixed, physical/‘psycheic’-systems progressions, e.g., for historical progressions of human-social systems].

7.  [Self-Aufheben» dialectic, in both its earlier, pre-human physicalforms, and in its later, human, ‘‘‘psychophysical’’’ forms, names the general [self-aufheben» movement of [self-]meta-monadization*, that diachronically constitutes [as the meta-dynamic of the transitions from the dynamics of each earlier, predecessor universal ontology, to the dynamics of each consecutively later, successor, self-expanded universal ontology] the synchronically viewed, present ‘content-structure’ of the cosmological-dialecticalmeta-fractal**, including of the synchronic views of the developing sub-universes of that total universe, and including the technological creations of human nature.

8.  ‘‘‘[Self-Aufheben» dialectic’’’ names the diachronic organizing ‘meta-dynamic’, and the synchronic organizing architectonic principle, of the total cosmos; Nature; the ‘“Totality’’’.

*[self-]meta-monadization, or [self-]meta-unitization, is the universal, concrete form of the essential dialectical [self-aufheben» process.  It is the movement of the inextricably unified, unitary qualitative self-transformation, self-elevation [in meta-fractal scale], and self-preservation [as the conserved ‘internity’, or inner content, of the new ‘‘‘scale’’’ or ‘‘‘level’’’ thereby created], whereby a “population” of “individual units, all of a given kind, creates out of itself a ‘meta-population’, that is, a [meta-]population consisting of a new kind of individual units, which are ‘meta-units to that predecessor population’s units, in that each successor -- ‘meta-’ -- unit is made up out of  a heterogeneous multiplicity of its predecessor units, the units of its predecessor population.

These units, and their ‘meta-units, are herein grasped, not as inert, atomistic, separately self-subsistent, self-enclosed and statical “point particles”, but as ‘subject/verb/object-identical’ ‘event-entities’, or ‘‘‘eventities’’’, agents of change, self-agents of self-change, agents of further [self-aufheben» dialectic, i.e., agents of both the auto-«aufheben»’ & the ‘allo-«aufheben»’ kinds of dialectic.

Such agents are ‘proto-subjects’ -- are ‘verbs incarnate’ -- as well as being objects of ‘‘‘self-change’’’, due to their own action within/upon themselves/one-another, and due to the actions upon them of other agents, other ‘[proto-]subject eventities’.  Such agents are also agents of ‘‘‘other-change’’’, via the ‘‘‘object’’’ aspect of other agents, through the former agents’ actions upon the latter.

The earliest so far inferred cosmological instance of diachronic, temporal ‘self-meta-unit-ization’ is the self-induced combination of the sub-nuclear/pre-nuclear ‘‘‘eventities’’’ named “quarks” and “gluons” [and “leptons”, including “electrons”] to form the pre-atomic/nuclear sub-atomic ‘‘‘eventities’’’ named “mesons” and “protons” [and “neutrons”].

**a meta-fractalis a finitary, qualitative fractal, or ontological [kinds-of-being-scaled] fractal -- a qualo-[quanto-] fractal' for short.  That is, it is a scaled “self-similarity” regress, with a finite number of “scales” or “levels”, and with scales that are qualitatively mutually similar, not [just] quantitatively mutually similar, and with a finite regress of scales that constitutes a qualitative, ontological progression, not an ontologically-gainless succession of scales; not a mere, gradient-less sequence of scales.  A ‘meta-fractal’ is a ‘[quanto-]qualitative scales regress’ that is also a ‘scales progress’.

Meta-fractals can be viewed as either synchronic, all-at-once-present, scaled-similarity-regress ‘content-structures’, with “size”, and/or nested content, as their scaling principles, or as diachronic, temporal-historical scaled-similarity-regress ‘content-structures’, with temporal acceleration, and/or “size”, and/or nested content, as their scaling principles, or they can be viewed as both -- as diachronico-synchronic scaled-similarity-regresses/-progresses.

The earliest known human, self-conscious formulation of a meta-fractal content-structure [though not, of course, under that name] -- the ancient, classical example of a synchronic [and supposedly eternal, immutable] meta-fractal’ -- is the ontological-categorial ‘content-structure’ of Plato’s attempted universal ‘ideo-taxonomy’, his «Arithmos Eidetikos» [translation:  Assemblages of «Idea»-Units, or of ontological category units] i.e., Plato’s original dialectic, whose visionary finite regress of mutually-similar scales -- of ‘‘‘«Idea»-levels’’’, or of ‘«Eide»-scales [‘‘‘ontological-categorial levels’’’] -- can be depicted as follows, as an elaboration of the upper, “knowledge” [«epistémé»] portion of Plato’s Divided Line [The Republic, 511b-c] --

[TOP] scale of the «Summum Genus»:  The Supreme «Eidos» of ALL Category-Unit
scale of the «Eide» Super2Gene» category-units
scale of the «Eide» Super1Gene» category-units
scale of the «Eide» [Super0-]«Gene» category-units
[MEDIAL] scale of the «Eide» [Supreme] [Sub0-]«Species» category-units
scale of the «Eide» [Subalternate] Sub1Species» category-units
scale of the «Eide» [Subalternate] Sub2Species» category-units
scale of the «Eide» «Infima Species» category-units
[BOTTOM] scale of the ultimate categorial base of «Eide-Monads» category-units

-- as adumbrated, for example, in Plato’s dialogue The Sophist [253b-254d].

Note the synchronic -- and also the diachronic, if one is to mentally survey the «Eide», e.g., in a systematic order of succession -- «aufheben»-relations within this example.   

The «Eide» «Infima Species» implicitly «aufheben»-contains -- negates the specificity of, elevates the level of generality of, and implicitly still conserves/contains the specificity of -- the ultimate, most specific categorial units, the «Eide-Monads».   

The “lowest”, most specific «Eide» Subalternate «Species» implicitly «aufheben»-contains the «Eide» «Infima Species»

... The «Eide» Supreme «Species» implicitly «aufheben»-contains the “highest”, least specific «Eide» Subalternate «Species».   

The “lowest”, most specific «Eide» «Genos» implicitly «aufheben»-contains the «Eide» Supreme «Species». ...   

The «Summum Genus» or Supreme «Eidos» implicitly «aufheben»-contains the “highest”, least specific «Eide» Super-«Genos».

***For definitions of the four kinds [e.g., «species»] of dialectics per the F.E.D. Dialectic of the Dialectic Itself, see --

Two Modern Examples of Diachronico-Synchronic Meta-Fractals’, or of Spatio-Temporal Meta-Fractals: 

Our two modern examples of a ‘diachronico-synchronic meta-fractal’, i.e., of a ‘spatio-temporal meta-fractal’, are both views of our cosmos at large -- i.e., of what, through our sciences, we have come to know about our cosmos so far.

The Cosmological Meta-Fractal, Example A.  The first of our ‘cosmological meta-fractal’ examples is the simpler of the two, and pertains to a more exclusively macroscopic, macrocosmic, and mainly synchronic ‘meta-fractal’ view of the whole universe, and is one that principally involves the ‘gravitic’ ordering principle of our ‘‘‘macrocosmos’’’, and involves the scales of the orb-masses which orbit other, larger orb-masses [or which orbit their common centers of gravity with such larger orb-masses].

This ‘meta-fractal’ view begins, at its highest, top scale within our macrocosm, with single stars, planet-less multi-star systems, and stellar/planetary systems, orbiting their common centers of gravity with galactic core black holes within galaxies.

Its next scale “down” might be that of smaller stars &/or of planets, orbiting common centers of gravity with larger stars.

Its next scale down might be that of moons orbiting their common centers of gravity with planets.

Despite the fact that the scaling of this ‘meta-fractal’ involves mass [quantity of matter”], this ‘much-of-the-macro-cosmos-encompassing’ ‘content-structure’ is a qualo-fractal’, not just a [finite] quanto-fractal’, because galactic-core black holes, intra-galactic stars, and planets, are qualitatively different kinds of objects, or of units, with different overall evolutionary and ‘meta-evolutionary’ dynamics and ‘meta-dynamics’, even though their differences can be quanto-qualitatively’ measured, & described, in some small part, by counting qualitative metrical units of their “masses”, e.g., by counting “grams” [gms.] units, & by comparing gm. qualitative metrical units-expressed amounts, quantified by Real numbers quantifiers -- a different quantifiers[-range], but the same metrical unit-qualifier, gms., for each kind of body.

Of course, viewed diachronically, present data and inference, reconstructing the macrocosmic [meta-]evolution of our cosmos, indicates that, generally, the first galaxies -- or, at least, the first proto-galaxies -- arose before the first intra-galactic stars, the first intra-galactic stars before the first planets, and the first planets before the first moons-of-planets. 

The “top” scale, in the case of this ‘meta-fractal’, is the «arché» scale [galaxy-core black holes], not the bottom scale [planetary moons].

Note the synchronic -- and diachronic -- «aufheben»-relations within this example:  the «arché»-galaxies/black holes eventually evolve to contain the proto-stars, or, in some cases, the proto-stellar/proto-planetary systems, which also eventually evolve, in some cases, to contain the [proto-]planets, which eventually evolve, in some cases, to be orbited by/to include [their own “satellites”; their own] moons.

 That is, the galaxies may have come first -- or the ‘‘‘proto-galaxies’’’, perhaps initially devoid of stars within them, or at least the holonium hearts [Sophya Dors St. Germain] of those ‘‘‘proto-galaxies’’’, the “black holes” -- that eventually gathered together those ‘‘‘proto-galaxies’’’.  Such holonium hearts may have been the results of early ‘mega-stars’, and of their short-lived lives and ‘hyper-hyper-novae’ denouements.  By holonium is meant the “substance” of “black holes”, the hypothesized meta-finite kind of material, the actual ontological increment of a “new” kind of matter, born out of what some physicists phantasize as being an “infinite” collapse singularity event, leaving an “infinitesimal” collapse-remnant, a zero-dimensional point-mass outcome, for [mega-]stellar fusion fuel-exhaustion induced stellar death implosion-contraction.  The F.E.D. ‘Principle of Metafinity’ holds that no “actual infinities” [or ‘‘‘actual infinitesimals’’’] can ever manifest in the physical universe empirically.  Per that Principle, equational ‘‘‘infinite[simal] singularities’’’ must be artefacts of an incomplete mathematics, and do not represent a valid scientific concept.  This Principle leads us to expect that the “gravitational singularities” in the equations used to represent, e.g., “hypernovae” phenomena of “total gravitational collapse”, inadequately represent a physical actuality that is not empirically infinite”, but, on the contrary, that is ‘metafinite.  That is, we are led to the hypothesis that such phenomena of ‘collapse due to hyper-massive self-gravitation’ involve, not “infinitely small” point-“objects”, or “infinitely large” densities -- all manifesting, still, only the ontology that produced them -- but, instead, ‘physical revolutions in Nature’; the irruption of new, but familiarly finite, ‘physio-ontology’; of a new kind of “matter”, or of “mass-energy”, or of ‘energy-time/mass-space’; a kind qualitatively/ontologically different from that which gives it birth, and similar to, but also beyond, the new kind yielded by the “milder” ‘self-gravitational self-collapse’ that forms neutron stars: “bulk neutronium.  We refer to this hypothetical further new kind of “matter” by the name holonium.  

The Cosmological Meta-Fractal, Example B.  The second of our ‘cosmos-as-meta-fractal’ examples is by far the more replete of the two, and is not limited mainly to the macrocosm.  Instead, it spans from the scale of the deepest microcosm presently known with much clarity -- that of the ‘gluonic’ and other “non-composite” bosons, and the ‘leptonic’ and ‘quarkic’ fermions -- all the way “up” in scale to the planetary-scale macrocosm, and beyond, although our account here will stop at the planetary scale.

This second modern-day example of a diachronico-synchronic meta-fractal, or spatio-temporal meta-fractal, is that of the modernly-known cosmos as a whole -- or of the whole of what our modern sciences have brought us to know about our cosmos to-date.

First, viewed mostly synchronically -- as a synchronic meta-fractal, or present-time spatial meta-fractal, our cosmos as a whole appears as follows --

Suppose that we -- right here, right now -- attend to an imagined, ‘temporally-thin’ synchronic “section”, or “slice”, of our present cosmos (e.g., within our local “light-cone”).

Inside of our human[s-led] [‘meta-]society’, we will find, constituting it, a past-to-present internalization -- still «aufheben»-contained within it -- of modified [mutually ‘‘‘domesticated’’’] forms of our predecessor, proto-language-based ‘animal societies’ -- such as those of dogs, horses, cattle, pigs, chickens, cats, etc. -- and also plant populations, or single-plant-kind ‘‘‘communities’’’ -- such as those of rice, wheat, corn, oats, barley, rye, etc. -- as well as that of a modified, partially ‘self-domesticated’ form of the animal societies of our predatory, hunting/gathering/foraging/-scavenging ‘‘‘proto-human’’’ ancestors. 

Outside of our human society, but still on planet Earth, we will find that those internalized animal societies and plant ‘‘‘communities’’’ still also, by and large, persist, as “wild” animal societies and as “wild” plant ‘‘‘communities’’’, as present-day ‘‘‘evolute’’’ survivals, never yet incorporated into our human-social, ‘meta-social’ ‘internity’, but still carried forward in[to] the present [and, ‘expectedly’, on into the immediate future], conserved but un-elevated, i.e., still located within the proximate ‘biospheric’ part of our human society’s ‘externity’.

Scaling down deeper: 

Inside each of those present animal societies and plant ‘‘‘communities’’’, inside of our human society, and constituting each such animal society and each plant ‘‘‘community’’’, we will find living ‘meta-bionts’ or ‘meta-bions’ -- i.e., both ‘‘‘meta-zoan’’’ and ‘‘‘meta-phytan’’’ living bodies, ‘massively multi-[eukaryotic-]cellular’ organisms -- individual, living human bodies, dog bodies, horse bodies, rice plants, wheat plants, corn plants, etc., still alive, as constituents of the ‘internity’ of human society.

Inside each of those present animal societies and plant ‘‘‘communities’’’, outside of our human society, still on planet Earth, such ‘meta-biotic’ bodies -- ‘meta-zoan’ and ‘meta-phytan’ “multicellular” embodiments -- also presently live and continue to live, also in “wild” [un-/less-mutually-domesticated] forms, still within the planetary biosphere of Earth.

Scaling down deeper still: 

Inside each of these present ‘meta-bionic’ living ‘‘‘corpuses’’’, those that have incorporated into the inside of our planetary, global human society, and constituting those human-society-internal ‘meta-biotic’, ‘meta-cellular’ bodies, there presently live ‘‘‘live’’’ eukaryotic cells, cells of a kind that also live inside, and constitute, the ‘meta-biotic’, multicellular bodies that live outside of our society, and also eukaryotic cells that persist as populations of “free-living”, ‘‘‘merely-biotic’’’, ‘pre-meta-biotic’ individual eukaryotic cells.

Scaling deeper: 

Inside each of these eukaryotic cells that have incorporated into, and that constitute, the ‘multi-[eukaryotic-]cellular’ organisms that populate the inside of our planetary, global human society, reside modified forms of formerly free-living prokaryotic cells, with their own separate DNA still retained inside them, and functioning as the “organelles” inside the eukaryotic cells which their union created, or constituted, e.g., chloroplasts and mitochondria.

Outside of our planetary, global human society, but still inside our planet’s biosphere, prokaryotic cells also presently reside, e.g., as organelles, inside the eukaryotic cells incorporated into the ‘meta-biota’ out there, and also inside the “free-living” eukaryotes out there.  But prokaryotes also exist “out there”, as populations of “free-living single cells”, e.g., as populations of bacteria within the Earth’s biosphere, e.g., on the continental land surfaces, and in the sea [and including also in large parts of the “interior lithosphere”] never yet incorporated into any eukaryotic-cellular units.  Indeed, the aggregate biomass of such “free living”, ‘‘‘unincorporated’’’ prokaryotes appears to exceed that of all other kinds of ‘‘‘biota’’’ [of living, “biotic” units] on the surface of [and inside] the Earth.

Deeper still:

Inside each of these prokaryotic cells that have incorporated into, and that constitute, the eukaryotic cells that have incorporated into, and constituted, the ‘meta-biota’ inside our planetary, global human society, are multitudinous molecules.

Outside of our planetary, global human society, but still inside our planetary biosphere, such molecules also reside, inside, and constituting, the “free-living” prokaryotic cells, and the prokaryotic cells living inside, and constituting, the “free-living” eukaryotic cells, and inside the eukaryotic cells that have incorporated into, and constituted, the asocial ‘meta-biota’, and the social ‘meta-biota’, the social[ized] animals and the ‘communitized’ plants that have incorporated into, and constituted, the animal societies and plant ‘‘‘communities’’’ that persist outside of human society, but also as molecules unincorporated into --un-included in’ -- any higher/later-appearing/more-inclusive ‘meta-molecular’ ‘meta-«monads»’, but residing still within the biosphere of Earth.  But such ‘unincorporated molecules’ reside also outside of the Earth’s biosphere, both inside its “noosphere”, and in its core, and in its upper lithosphere, and in its upper atmosphere, and elsewhere in Earth’s non-biosphere’, and also beyond/outside of the Earth.

The next scale down:

Inside each of these molecules that have incorporated into the prokaryote-organelles within the eukaryotes within the animal societies/plant communities within our contemporary, planetary human [‘meta-’]society, are multitudinous “chemical elements” -- “atoms” in the modern sense, not in the ancient sense -- atoms of Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, etc., etc.

Such atoms also presently reside out-side of our human society, and still in-side of the molecules, prokaryotes, eukaryotes, ‘meta-biotes’, and animal societies/plant ‘‘‘communities’’’ that today reside outside of human society, and still inside of the planetary biosphere of planet Earth.  Such atoms also presently reside out-side of our planetary biosphere, both inside its non-biosphere’, and also outside of our planet altogether:  beyond it entirely. the deepest scales presently well-known:

Inside each of these atoms, both those atoms that have incorporated into, and constituted, all of the higher/later-appearing/more-inclusive populations of ‘meta-atomic’ ‘meta-«monads»’, ‘meta-units, or ‘meta-individuals, inside our planetary, global human society, and also those atoms that reside outside of our human society, either incorporated into higher ‘meta-units out there, or unincorporated into --un-included in’ -- any higher/later-appearing/more-inclusive ‘meta-atomic’ ‘meta-«monads»’, either within, or outside, the boundaries of the Earth, are ‘nuclear sub-atomic’ units -- protons, neutrons, mesons, ... -- as well as those ‘exo-nucleus’, or non-nuclear sub-atomic’, and also ‘pre-atomic’, units, called electrons, which are also pre-nuclear, pre-Hadronic units which arose, sustainedly, prior to the first sustained ‘arisal’ of mesons, protons, and neutrons.

Some of these ‘pre-atomic’ and “sub-atomic” unitsmonads» -- e.g., mesons, protons, and neutrons -- incorporate, and are constituted by, ‘pre-nuclear’ and “sub-nuclear” unitsmonads» -- e.g., gluons and quarks.

These gluon and quark unitsmonads» incorporated into -- and ultimately, ‘«arché»-ically’ constituted, and are still inside -- all later/higher/more-inclusive things, all later-irrupting ‘meta-unit’/‘meta-«monad»’ ‘cosmo-ontology’. 

Viewed more holistically still -- and more historically, more diachronically -- our cosmos as a [as the ultimate manifest] whole, which we just viewed mainly synchronically, reveals itself to be a diachronico-synchronic, spatio-temporal, systematic/historical meta-fractal:

Some of its sub-nuclear units constituted sub-atomic units; some of its sub-atomic units then constituted atomic units; some of its atomic units then constituted molecular units; some of its molecular units then constituted prokaryotic cellular units; some of its prokaryotic cellular units then constituted eukaryotic cellular units; some of its eukaryotic cellular units then constituted meta-biontic, “multi-cellular” units; some of its ‘meta-biontic, ‘meta-cellular’ units then constituted animal-society and plant-‘‘‘community’’’ units; some of its animal-society / plant-‘‘‘community’’’ units, catalyzed and led by some of their proto-human[oid]-animal society units, constituted meta-societies; human societies then... .

We have depicted the above diachronico-synchronic meta-fractal universe via the following legend diagram, and ‘natural-historical progression’ ‘‘‘cutaway’’’ diagram:

[Note:  Both the narrative and diagrammatical accounts, as given above, of the diachronico-synchronic meta-fractality of the total cosmos, and of the nested, self-iterated, auto-«aufheben» self-construction’ of the cosmos as a whole, all exclude any explicit mention of the allo-«aufheben»’, ‘ontological hybridization’ processes, and of the resulting hybrid ontological products, as such, that are included explicitly in the epochal cumula [in the ‘‘‘unaddable’’’ [cf. Plato], ‘non-amalgamative sums’ of ontological category units/terms, for each epoch, tau], the self-expanding cumula that are generated progressively, as the cosmological epoch parameter, tau, advances in value, by Encyclopedia Dialectica’s Dialectical Theory of Everything Equation, Seldon Function Meta-Models of the meta-dynamical meta-evolution of this diachronico-synchronic meta-fractal universe].

With the help of the perspective granted by the narrative rendition of the diachronico-synchronic meta-fractal universe earlier above, and by the two diagrams immediately above, we can now summarize the three distinct ways in which the total cosmos constitutes a meta-fractal content-structure --

1.  Synchronically, when the momentaneous present of the ‘physical space’ of the local universe is imagined as a “vertical” cross-section or slice -- “perpendicular” to the “horizontal longitude” of natural-historical time, cut through the present «aufheben»-‘hailstone’ content-structure of Terran human society.

2.  Diachronically, when the “horizontal” dimension of natural-historical time, “perpendicular” to the “vertical” dimension of the momentaneous present of ‘physical space’, is imagined as a natural-historical progression of rising but mutually-similar scales of increasing «aufheben»-inclusion of the units of the previous, already-inclusive units. 

3.  Diachronico- Synchronically, when both the scaled physical units-inclusiveness, and the mutual similarity, among the various “layers” or “scales” within the latest-to-arise units of the cosmos-hailstone, are considered.  They should be considered together with the ‘temporal tail’ of that ‘‘‘latest-arrival’’’, or ‘latest-arisal’ -- the ‘temporal trail’ of past units-kinds, less inclusive than it is, and formerly outside of it, that led up to it.   That ‘‘‘latest-arrival’’’, or ‘latest-arisal’, should also be considered together with the continued present co-existence, with it, but outside of it, of representatives of those earlier-arisen kinds of units, kinds which are now also found ‘scaledly’-included inside it.  Thus, this perspective is double-«aufheben».  It is so, in the first instance, because each ‘meta-meristemal’ kind-of-being unit, or newest ‘‘‘ontological category’’’ unit, of each epoch, exhibits, in[side]-itself, the most recent, as well as all of the previous, ‘«aufheben»-inclusionedunits. It is so, in the second instance, because each progressing natural-historical epoch exhibits not only its own, ‘meta-meristemal’ ontological increment of units, together with units inhering in all previous ‘self-hybrid’ units-kinds ‘«aufheben»-contained’ inside of it, but also with representatives of even all previously-emerged ‘self-hybrid’ ontological increments of units, outside of it, and contemporaneous with it -- contemporaneous with the most advanced, ‘meta-meristemal’ kind of «monads», or kind of units, of the epoch in question.

Our Cosmos is a diachronico-synchronic TRIPLE Meta-Fractal of «Aufheben», Dialectical Self-Organization and Self-Formation.

Ever after the «arché» itself, every successive such ‘self-formation’ -- including the presently most «aufheben»-advanced ‘‘‘natural formation’’’, or «arithmos»-formation of nature -- already itself a synchronic meta-fractal, always has two [meta-fractal] ‘‘‘tails’’’.  It has a diachronic, historical-dialectical [meta-fractal] ‘‘‘tail’’’, which is also a history, a story, a [meta-fractal] tale.  It has also a synchronic [meta-fractal] ‘‘‘tail’’’ [one which can also be told, as a systematic-dialectical tale -- as a systematic rendition, or micro-historical, micro-temporal, time-taking systematic-dialectical presentation of the ‘content-structure’ of the present epoch of the cosmos-eventity].

Our present present, in which ‘humans-led meta-societies’ are the most ‘«aufheben»-advanced’, most ‘metamonadically advanced’ «monads», units, or logical individuals known to us, presents also this double-«aufheben» aspect, of predecessor «monads» as both internal [meta-fractal] ‘in-tail-ment’, and as external [meta-fractal] ‘‘‘tail’’’.

Present-Internal[ized] Tail, In-Tail-ment, Tail In-ment, or Tail Internalization.  Internally, the present-to-us, humans-dominated global ‘meta-society’ unit which ‘«aufheben»-contains’ us, also ‘«aufheben»-contains’, overall, ‘mutually-domesticated’ and ‘self-domesticated’ animal societies and plant ‘kind-communities’, which, in turn, ‘«aufheben»-contain’ ‘multi-eukaryotic-cellular’ meta-zoan and meta-phytan ‘meta-biota’, which, in turn, ‘«aufheben»-contain’ eukaryotic cells, which, in turn, ‘«aufheben»-contain’ ‘pre-eukaryotic’, “prokaryotic” cells, in the form of mitochondrial and ‘chloroplastial’ organelles, which, in turn, ‘«aufheben»-contain’ molecules, which, in turn, ‘«aufheben»-contain’ atoms, which, in turn, ‘«aufheben»-contain’ pre-atomic/sub-atomic “particles”, some of which, in turn, ‘«aufheben»-contain’ the «arché» -- pre-nuclear/sub-nuclear “particles”.

Present-External ‘‘‘Tail’’’.  Synchronically-existing, presently-existing also, but externally to this presently most ‘«aufheben»-advanced’ ‘‘‘natural formation’’’ of Terran human society, or of ‘meta-society’, are other ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, of ‘«aufheben»-organization’ advanced only to the level of ‘proto-language-based animal societies’ -- e.g., wild primates, wild wolves, wild horses, wild meerkats, dolphins, whales, bees, termites, ants -- and plant ‘kind-communities’ -- wild rices, wild wheats, wild corns, wild mushrooms, wild maple trees -- which also internally ‘«aufheben»-contain’ representatives of all of their predecessor ‘self-hybrid’ kinds of ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, plus still other ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, of ‘«aufheben»-organization’ advanced only to the level of asocial meta-zoan and meta-phytan ‘multi-eukaryotic-cellular meta-biota’ -- e.g., grizzly bears, koalas, cougars, tigers, skunks, badgers, opossums, rhinoceroses, boa constrictors, giant anteaters, gopher tortoises, common frogs, sea cucumbers, most spiders, etc. -- and ‘solitary plants’, which also internally ‘«aufheben»-contain’ representatives of all of their predecessor ‘self-hybrid’ kinds of ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, plus still other ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, of ‘«aufheben»-organization’ advanced only to the level of “free-living” ‘single-cellular’ eukaryotic cells -- e.g., fungi, amoeba, foraminifera, radiolaria, green algae, slime molds -- which also internally ‘«aufheben»-contain’ representatives of all of their predecessor ‘self-hybrid’ kinds of ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, plus still other ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, of ‘«aufheben»-organization’ advanced only to the level of “free-living” ‘single-cellular’ “prokaryotic” cells, or ‘pre-eukaryotic cells’ -- e.g., archaea and bacteria, including plankton, extremophiles, lithotrophs, etc. -- which also internally ‘«aufheben»-contain’ representatives of all of their predecessor ‘self-hybrid’ kinds of ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, plus still other ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, of ‘«aufheben»-organization’ advanced only to the level of “molecules” -- e.g., poly-nucleotide nucleo-protein polymers, poly-peptide protein polymers, poly-saccharide polymer carbohydrates/sugars [e.g., glycogen, cellulose, chitin], nucleotide monomers, amino acid monomers, monosaccharide monomers, benzene, methane, carbon dioxide, water, cyanide, etc. -- which also internally ‘«aufheben»-contain’ representatives of all of their predecessor ‘self-hybrid’ kinds of ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, plus still other ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, of ‘«aufheben»-organization’ advanced only to the level of unassimilated, ‘‘‘elemental’’’ “atoms” -- e.g., Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, etc. -- which also internally ‘«aufheben»-contain’ representatives of all of their predecessor ‘self-hybrid’ kinds of ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, plus still other ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, of ‘«aufheben»-organization’ advanced only to the level of ‘sub-atomic/pre-atomic’ “particles” -- e.g., protons -- which also internally ‘«aufheben»-contain’ representatives of all of their predecessor ‘self-hybrid’ kinds of ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, plus still other ‘‘‘natural formations’’’, of ‘sub-nuclear/pre-nuclear’ “particles”, also still present, e.g., including the freely-propagating photons of the cosmological microwave background radiation, the thermal radiation that fills the observable cosmos “almost uniformly”, as well as freely-propagating neutrinos, electrons, and positrons -- in general, quarks/non-Hadronic fermions, gluons and other non-Hadronic bosons, and leptons -- which constitute the «arché» of the archéonic consecuum of our cosmos per our dialectical meta-model thereof.                 

Past-External ‘‘‘Tail’’’; The  Tale-‘‘‘Tail’’’.  Diachronically, Historically, in the past of our present, the «arché»-«arithmos», or originating ontological category/population, of ‘sub-nuclear/pre-nuclear’ “particles”, became that plus the second «arithmos», of ‘sub-atomic/pre-atomic’ “particles”, which all became all that plus the third «arithmos», of “atoms”, which all became all that plus the fourth «arithmos», which all became all that plus the fifth «arithmos», of “prokaryotic cells”, or ‘pre-eukaryotic cells’, which all became all that plus the sixth «arithmos», of “eukaryotic cells”, which all became all that plus the seventh «arithmos», of asocial meta-zoan and meta-phytan ‘multi-eukaryotic-cellular meta-biota’, which all became all that plus the eighth «arithmos», of ‘proto-language-based animal societies’, and plant ‘kind-communities’, which, locally, within planet Terra, all became all that plus the ninth «arithmos», of ‘proto-human-animal-societies-led, other-animal-societies-internalizing, plant ‘kind-communities’-internalizing ‘meta-societies’, which.... 

Links to Definitions of [Other] F.E.D. Special Terms Used in the Narrative Above --

animal societies



«arithmos eidetikos»


bion / biota



dialectic of the dialectic itself

dynamics versus ‘‘‘meta-dynamics’’’



evolution versus ‘‘‘meta-evolution’’’

genus, «genos»



species, «species»


temporal acceleration


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