Friday, August 29, 2014

DOMAIN: Geographical Scales of U.S. Territiorial Governance. Systematic-Dialectical Method of Presentation. First Triad. Easy Example.

Dear Readers,

I have posted here, below, a 'dialectogram' presentation of the first triad of 'the systematic dialectic of the geographical scales of the U. S. territorial governance domain'.

This presentation uses the 'ultra-familiar' example of the 'city -- county -- state -- nation -- ... finite scaled similarity regress, or qualo-fractal,' for an easy introduction to NQ dialectics.

The diagram below encompasses just the first three categories of the full systematic-dialectical presentation, which comprises at least an eight-category categorial progression.

An E.D. standard models-specification, including a description of that eight-category model, is also included below.



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