Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Einsteinian Dialectic, II., Universal Time: The "Shape Dynamics" Fruition of an Immanent Critique, 'outering' General Relativity Theory's 'Intra-Dual', Reveals Universal Physical Time.

Dear Readers,

An Encyclopedia Dialectica 'dialectogram', defining the Einsteinian 'Second Dialectic' -- The "Shape Dynamics" Fruition of an Immanent Critique of General Relativity Theory, 'outering' General Relativity Theory's 'Intra-Duality', and, thereby, revealing the existence of a Universal Physical Time -- has been posted to the Glossary Page.

I will soon post a narrative, explicating this systematic dialectic in detail.

Meanwhile, I have posted the new 'dialectogram' below, for your convenience.




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