Friday, August 29, 2014

Modes of Production -- Systematic-Dialectical Method of Presentation of a Key Marxian Category.

Dear Readers,

I have posted, below, a 'dialectogram' that summarizes, partly pictorially, the brief, triadic categorial progression that leads to the Marxian concept of historically-specific '''Modes of production'''.

The combined human Phenome/human Genome's 'meta-Darwinian' '''speciation''' deploys as an historical progression of 'historical <<species>>' of human society, each <<species>> of which first becomes viable only at, and, perhaps, after, a certain, '<<speci>>-fic' stretch of the human-historical time continuum, grasped as the [dis-]continuum of the 'qualo-quantitative growth' of the human-societal self-force of human society-self-re-production, when 'society-productive force' sufficient for its sustained existence first arises.

Often, initially, such arises only within a restricted geographical locale, or a few such locales, within global human-social self-development.

The 'essence-ial' core of each of these  'historical <<species>>' of human society is an historically- '<<speci>>-fic' '''Mode of production''', that combines an historically- '<<speci>>-fic', dominant 'society- self-re-productive societal self-force', with an initially corresponding system of social relations, immediately surrounding, pervading, and mediating, human-social reproductive activity.

These relations initially foster, but finally enfetter, the further growth of 'societal self-reproductive force' -- the potential accelerator of the rate of human-societal reproduction -- thus resulting, if the human species is to retain its unique form of 'meta-Darwinian' '''fitness''', and to progress further, in '"a period of social revolution"' [cf. Marx].



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