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Dear Readers,

Below is the text of the third of several standard disclaimers, that we have decided to make explicit, starting in 2016, and that apply to all blog-entries in this blog, past, present, and future, as well as to all of the activities of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica, and of their ally, the Equitist Advocacy group.

The disclaimer below addresses the issue of fair use, credit-giving, and attribution in general, for all original content of this blog.


Miguel Detonacciones

DISCLAIMER III.:  We of F.E.D., and the anonymous members of the Equitist Advocacy group, are, indeed, seeking, advocating, and working for worldwide social revolution -- if only by non-violent, majoritarian, rule-of-law means -- in the sense of a profound change/expansion of human social-relations-of-social-reproduction ontology, including a change in the root social relation of production [Marx] of modern society, from the present [state-]capital/wage-labor/capital-equity-only social relation of production, to the social relation of production of generalized equity -- the root of Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY, or Equitism, implemented via the juridical establishment, and enforcement, of the three newly-discerned, fundamental human rights, of Citizen Externality Equity, Citizen Birthright Equity, & Citizen Stewardship Equity.

The original content that we generate, and post to this blog, e.g., in pursuit of the above-stated goals, comes under the general ‘omni-copyright’ grant, to all persons, that applies to F.E.D., and Equitist Advocacy group, original content in general --

Omni-Copyright  1999+.  Copyright to original portions of these blog texts, for non-commercial purposes, is hereby granted to all persons.

Please feel free to reproduce original content from this blog freely, with or without attribution to this blog, to F.E.D., and/or to the Equitist Advocacy group, at your sole discretion. 

But also know that we prefer the non-attribution option, for psychohistorical reasons.

Commentary.  The content addressed above is a potential contribution to the collective creative property of the Terran human species:  assimilate, disseminate, critique, and surpass at will.

We, the authors, seek hereby to further neither our monetary riches, nor our public power, nor our personal fame.

What we want, money cannot buy.

We hope, with your help, to build a better us, and to help to do our “infinitesimal” part in building a better universe [“infinitesimal” differences can matter, as nonlinear dynamics demonstrates].

More monetary wealth will not buy that betterment.

More political power cannot impose it.

More fame would mainly distract from our pursuit of it.

We hope that you have chosen, or will choose, to build a better you.

We hold that this choice entails the profoundest consequences for one’s life, as well as for the lives of others who one’s life touches.

We also hold that such choices belong to you alone.

We wish to share, with you, the forthcoming conceptual riches.

We will rejoice, and we will be compensated, if you teach us in turn, help us to correct our errors, and thus to advance the common-wealth of all beyond these offerings.

We also request our readers’ forgiveness in the areas of our many shortcomings, some of which, though determined to strive ceaselessly to overcome them, we will never, in a lifetime, overcome.

We, the authors, are not publicly accessible, but will endeavor to provide private transmittals to you if you indicate publicly, however cryptically -- and we recommend that it be cryptically -- your desire that we should do so.

We want not that our existences, let alone our egos, should be an impediment to that great reverberating propagation of new cognitions, and of emerging new kinds of cognition, of which this content is, at best, an incomplete, imperfect, transitory, and transitional manifestation.

We therefore happily forego personal credit, and, by thus renouncing in advance the [remote] possibility of any notoriety resulting thereby, hope also to retain more lifetime for the continuation of this work.

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