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BLOGWIDE DISCLAIMER II.: Political Violence.

BLOGWIDE DISCLAIMER II.:  Political Violence.

Dear Readers,

Below is the text of a second of several standard disclaimers, that we have decided to make explicit, starting in 2016, and that apply to all blog-entries in this blog, as well as to all of the activities of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica, and of their ally, the Equitist Advocacy group. 

The disclaimer below addresses the issue of political violence as a means of social change.


Miguel Detonacciones

DISCLAIMER II.:  We of F.E.D., and the anonymous members of the Equitist Advocacy group, are, indeed, seeking, advocating, and working for worldwide social revolution -- by non-violent, majoritarian, rule-of-law means -- in the sense of a profound change/expansion of human social-relations-of-social-reproduction ontology, including a change in the root social relation of production [Marx] of modern society, from the present [state-]capital/wage-labor/capital-equity-only social relation of production, to the social relation of production of generalized equity -- the root of Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY, or Equitism, implemented via the juridical establishment, and enforcement, of three newly-discerned, fundamental human rights, of Citizen Externality Equity, Citizen Birthright Equity, & Citizen Stewardship Equity.

However, we of F.E.D., together with the anonymous members of the Equitist Advocacy group, reject the initiation of political violence as a method of social progress.

Nonviolence is a key to the effectiveness of efforts for social improvement, because political violence corrupts its initiators, converting them, even if their violence is “successful”, into but the new incumbents of the very evil that they had intended to overthrow, thus resulting, for them, in a defeat which could not be more total, and a new defeat, and debacle, for humanity as a whole.

Commentary.  Of course, the ultra-corrupt, ultra-self-degenerated ‘socio-psychopaths’ of the ruling, Rocke-Nazi plutocracy, will resort to mass-murderous political violence whenever they feel that their political power, and its “perks”, are the least bit threatened, IF THEY THINK THAT THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT, WITHOUT FUELING DANGEROUS LEVELS OF FURTHER OPPOSITION TO THEIR RULE, no matter to them that this “threat” arises via legitimate, constitutionally-protected free speech, free press, and lawful, nonviolent assembly for the redress of grievances, e.g., to support Equitist legislative and constitutional reforms.

If even a tin-pot ‘servant-dictator’ like Bashar al-Assad will bomb and shell his own cities, and exterminate his own citizens, just to hold on to his power, just think what the Rocke-Nazis -- the ‘meta-Nazi’ rulers over hundreds of such ‘servant-dictators’, world-wide, throughout this ‘descendance-phase’ of modern history -- will do, to hold on to their, far greater, power!

But let us keep in mind the first successful revolution against totalitarian state-capitalism in Terran human history -- the revolution against its Stalinist version, of pure-state-bureaucratic-ruling class state-capitalism, in the Russian “Soviet” Union, and elsewhere, in much of Eastern Europe, circa 1989.

Russian Stalinist state-capitalism became one of the most vicious, mass-murderous dictatorships in history, rivaling the Rocke-Nazis in its sheer ‘horrificity’, and contending against the Rocke-Nazis for world domination, immediately after the two powers had jointly eliminated the previous such contender:  the ‘Franken-Dictatorship’ -- the former Rocke-Nazi servant-dictatorship’ -- of Nazi Germany.

And yet, such was the populist plurality of the circa 1989 popular movement against the state-capitalist police-states in Russia/Eastern Europe, that the secret police, and the army, were paralyzed, unwilling to risk major repression against so massive a movement.

Thereby, the popular overthrow of these ultra-vicious state-capitalist regimes was accomplished with almost-miraculously-little political violence.

It was only after that largely non-violent overthrow, with the Rocke-Nazis still UNoverthrown in the rest of the world, that the Rocke-Nazis -- terrified of the popular movement toward democracy in these former state-capitalist police-states, and determined to corrupt and destroy their revolutions, and to “make an example of” these peoples -- of the Russian people especially -- and to ‘terroristically’ warn any other such populist movements intent upon overthrowing Rock-Nazi ‘servant-dictatorships’, and/or any of the new dictatorships-then-in-the-making, in the remaining “Third World”, “Second World”, and “First World” nation-states -- that the Rocke-Nazi ‘Meta-Nazis’ sent in their “social shock therapy” social torturers, from the Rocke-Nazi “owned” University of Chicago, and elsewhere, to engineer accelerated contracted social reproduction in those former Stalinist states, to create Weimar-Germany-like hyperinflation, and other “fascism-generating” conditions of social horrendousness, imposing a Rocke-Nazi “Eugenics” death-spiral on the Russian population, to unleash the Rocke-Nazi owned global mafias on Russia especially, and to impose a corrupt, “ex”-KGB, re-state-capitalist, police-state regime on the Russian people, and similar “austerity” and repression upon the rest of formerly-Stalinist Eastern Europe.

[The resulting Yeltsin/Putin “ex”-KGB state-capitalist ‘servant-dictatorship’ at first seemed to toe [and to tow] the Rocke-Nazi line, but is lately showing signs of becoming a new Rocke-Nazi ‘Franken-Dictatorship’, like the Hitler ‘Franken-Dictatorship’ before it, turning on their Rocke-Nazi former/would-be masters, and seeking world domination in their place.  But this may turn out to be more show than actuality.].

Nevertheless, despite the horrific mass torture and mass murder visited upon the Russian people in particular, by the Rocke-Nazis, as retribution for their democratic, nationalist aspirations, the Rocke-Nazi ‘Weimarization’ of Russia failed to achieve a fully Fascist ‘servant-dictatorship’ there, and new populist revolts by democratic nationalists continued to break out, in other parts of the world, even under the theocratic state-capitalist terror-regime of Iran, as well as in Russia, against the new Putinist state-capitalist police-state.

These revolts surged, most recently, especially in the Middle East, as “Arab Spring” populist, democratic nationalist revolts spread from Tunisia to Egypt, to Libya, to Bahrain, to Syria, and beyond.

True to form, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ have moved to ‘maximally-violentize’ these “Arab Spring” revolutions, to massacre the masses there, via their ‘servant-dictatorships’ all over the Middle East, and especially via the theocratic state-capitalist police-terror-state of Saudi Arabia, and to pervert these revolutions into the formation of new  “Islamic” totalitarian theocracies, or to convert them into mere ‘servant-dictator-succession’ processes, as in the succession of aging military ‘servant-dictator’ Mubarak, by new, younger military ‘servant-dictator’ al-Sisi, in Egypt, accompanied by the jailing, torture, and mass-murder of yet another new generation of democratic nationalists.

Only a populist, majoritarian, and therefore non-violence-capable movement for socio-political-Economic Democracy in the U.S., and in the U.K. -- the bastions of Rocke-Nazi global rule -- can, by neutralizing the Rocke-Nazis’ power to massacre such movements elsewhere, make it possible for socio-political-Economic-Democratic movements to succeed in the rest of the world.  

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