Monday, January 04, 2016

My Campaign.

Dear Readers,

FYI:  On behalf of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica, and of their ally, the Equitist Advocacy group, I am conducting a campaign across the internet, to call netizens' attentions to what we believe holds the solution to the present and perilous impasse of our global civilization.

The text that I am employing in this campaign is, approximately, the one that is posted below [the generic text, given below, is varied, to some degree, depending upon the specific context of its posting].

Here's my wish to you for a revolutionary New Year!



China is a state-capitalist police-state dictatorship, ruled, despotically, by the upper state bureaucracy itself, as national ruling class.

The U.S. is a state-capitalist police-state dictatorship in the making, via a corporatist "M&A Buyout/Hostile Takeover" of the U.S. federal government by the bribery/blackmail/extortion/assassination operations of the lobbyists, corporate-prostitute office holders, corporate-prostitute candidates, etc., of the mega-corporate banking/oil oligopolies, which also forms the core of the emerging, anti-humanist, supra-national ruling class.

SAVE FOR POPULIST INTERVENTION, totalitarian, genocidal state-capitalism is the "lawful" destiny of all contemporary nation-states -- that is the upshot of the socio-political-economic "law of motion of modern society", i.e., of capitalist society:  modern humans, acting, collectively, in the form of competitive capitalism, and, especially, in the form of the competitive-capitalist ruling class, turn that form of capitalism -- gradually, then suddenly -- into 'humanocidal' state-capitalism.

This is because capitalist competition compels capitalists to continually increase the "productive force" of their fixed capital -- ultimately, this "productive force" is the 'Meta-Darwinian' "fitness"-increasing self-force of the expanding self-reproduction of the human <<species>> -- but, within capitalist competition, increasing productive force destroys [obsoletes] that capital, ultimately -- as, by accumulation, fixed capital eventually becomes the dominant component of total capital -- destroying more old capital-value than the new capital-value it creates, by reinvestment of net gains due to increased productive force ["higher productivity"] -- this is capitalism's fatal flaw.

For a new model of the higher successor system -- one that definitely requires populist intervention -- to this present socio-political-economic system, of Orwellian, inter-trading, continually inter-warring, increasingly state-capitalist nation-states, increasingly destroying human productive force in wars and in the gargantuan "military-industrial complexes" that organize and manage this systematic waste of productive force; nation-states not yet quite completely "under the thumb" of a Malthusian, '"Eugenicist", "People Are Pollution", 'humanocidal' supra-national ruling class -- the higher successor system named 'Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY', or 'Equitism', founded upon three newly-discerned fundamental human rights, of 'Citizen Externality Equity', 'Citizen Birthright Equity', and 'Citizen Stewardship Equity' [kudos on the latter to Dr. David Schweickart] -- including draft enabling legislation, and draft constitutional amendments, for the implementation of this higher socio-political-economic system, see --

-- and the 'Capitalism's Fatal Flaw and the Way Forward' blog.

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