Friday, November 27, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT: ‘The Dialectical Analysis of Arithmetics’, in 3 Volumes.

Dear Readers,

F.Y.I.:  The General Council of F.E.D. has, today, assigned, to me, the preparation of a 3-volume treatise, to be entitled The Dialectical Analysis of Arithmetics, and to be published, by the F.E.D. Press, during the years 2017-2019, for the purpose of elaborating our solutions to three of our major Seldonian meta-equations, which give their individual names as the individual titles for each of these three volumes --

Volume I.:      The Gödelian Dialectic of the Standard Arithmetics.
Volume II.:     The Dialectic of the Seldonian Dialectical Arithmetics.
Volume III.:   The Dialectic of the Arithmetics of Logic.

-- a task to which I look forward with great relish!   



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