Saturday, November 21, 2015

Seldon on ‘the Dialectic of Capitalist Democracy / Freedom’. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

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GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES:  Capitalist democracy and freedom, founded in checks and balances on state power over citizens -- on respect for civil liberties and for human rights -- is now visibly being eroded, all over Europe, in the U.K., and in the U.S. and Canada, so much more rapidly than ever before, by the ruling-class-media-orchestrated “public” reaction to ruling-class-arranged “terrorist attacks” [arranged, in particular, by the Saudi Arabian ‘servant-dictators’ of the ‘Rocke-Nazi plutocracy’, e.g., by the Saudi’s long and massively-financed promotion, under orders from the 'Rocke-Nazis', of New Dark Ages “religion”, via their wahhabi madrassas -- "schools" to brainwash, and to further ‘suicidalize’, impoverished Muslim children, assured of little life-opportunity by the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ installed ‘servant dictatorships’, installed all over the Muslim world, to become violent terrorists and suicide-murderers -- as well as by the Saudi’s more recent massive funding of Al Qaeda, ISIL, etc.], not to mention by the political-checks-and-balances-destroying, accelerating concentration, consolidation, and centralization of capital ownership, hence of $political power$,  in ever fewer hands, e.g., by the recently re-accelerating rate of “Mergers and Acquisitions”.

I therefore thought that the following summary words on this matter, by Karl Seldon, might be timely for my readers [E.D. edits applied]:

 Capitalist Democracy, and capitalist Freedom, themselves, at length, with the immanent development of the “capital-relation” itself, destroy capitalist Democracy and destroy capitalist Freedom.” 

“They -- quite “lawfully”, and quite predictably -- destroy themselves.”

“They do so because the predictably accelerating concentration of capital ownership, hence of political power, in ever fewer hands, undermines, and ultimately obviates, the vital political checks-and-balances among the political branches of the state, that are crucial if democracy and freedom are to be reproduced -- as we see, openly, today, nearly every day, and even in the ruling-class-owned “news” [propaganda] mass media.”

“They do so, also, and even more horrifically, because of the ever more desperate motivation of the owners of that ownership-hyper-concentrated capital, the ruling plutocracy, to suppress the growth of the social forces of production so as to block the effective overthrow of their power by the ‘techno-depreciation’ of the hyper-concentrated capital that they own due to competition from newly-irrupting industrial production ontology [e.g., by radioactivity-less fusion power reactors, competitively devaluing to near zero the capital of their “Global Dictatorship of Petroleum”], unless that ruling class intervenes to suppress such socio-econo-technological development.”

As they have, with such utter viciousness, ever since ~ 1913, e.g., by their technology/industrialization suppression of the capitalist hinterland, by which they created the so-called “Third World”, via their ‘servant-dictatorships’ there.

“These “servant-dictatorships” have been funded, not by the wealth of the plutocracy that those dictatorships serve, but by yet-further deductions from, primarily, “First World” [esp. U.S. and U.K.] workers’ wages that this plutocracy imposed in the 1913 income tax legislation, and by their more recent de-industrialization, and consequent accelerating “Third-World-Ization”, of the U.S., the U.K., Western Europe, etc., collapsing, now, also, “First World” standards of living, by moving their industrial capital to the former “Third World” nations whose industrialization they could no longer fully suppress, where the national working classes, and the wage levels of those working classes, are conveniently suppressed by that plutocracy’s local ‘servant-dictatorships’.”

“It takes real socialism -- not the pseudo-socialism that is state-capitalism, ideologically theocratic or otherwise -- but ‘“equitism”’, or ‘‘‘political-economic democracy’’’, to restore democracy and to restore freedom.

It does so by advancing democracy and freedom far beyond what they ever were, or ever could have been, within the capitals-system, even at their previous zenith, the zenith of what we call the ascendance phase of the global capitalist system [e.g., the “Hundred Years Peace”]. 

That real socialism accomplishes this by adding new, unprecedented, economic checks-and-balances, necessary even to revive the old political-only checks-and-balances, while also adding an entirely new, unprecedented dimension to democracy and to human freedom.

For more detail about the psychohistorical-scientific explanation of this ‘“socio-taxis-to humanocidal[-Eugenics]-totalitarianism/New-Final-Dark-Age’’’, and about the way out of it, see the following writings by the Equitist Advocacy group --



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