Tuesday, November 24, 2015

‘[Ongoing] Self-Creation of the «Kosmos»’ -- The Meaning of this Phrase in F.E.D. Parlance.

Dear Readers,

The term self-creation, as employed in the discourse within F.E.D., means that the ‘‘‘creation’’’ itself is the cause of its own ongoing/continuing creation of new ontology -- of its own ongoing/continuing ontopoiesis/onto-dynamasis.

The related phrase self-creation of the «kosmos»’, does NOT mean, in its usage by we ‘Foundationers’, that we hold that the «arché-arithmos» of the «kosmos» -- that the «arché»-ontology of the «kosmos»/of the ‘‘‘creation’’’ -- whose symbol forms the ‘‘‘kernel’’’/seed/ cell-form [Marx]/‘‘‘ultimate ancestor’’’ for our dialectic of nature meta-model meta-equation, actually did, or even could have, created itself. 

It is only the post-«arché»’ consecuum of new ontology to which, for us, our phrase, self-creation of the «kosmos»’, refers.

Scientifically, empirically, observationally, we can only admit our ignorance about, and be agnostic about, any possible causes, and any possible origin, of the origin itself; about any pre-«arché» that might reside ‘‘‘behind’’’, and before, the to-our-present-knowledge ultimate «arché» itself, and we can give no account of any such.

That ultimate «arché» is the ground, the dialectical premise, the basis from which all else follows, meta-genealogically.

Therefore, by definition, and as with the fourth of the four first-order Dedekind-Peano Postulates, that comprehend, in their generality, ordinality, not just in its standard model of the first-order Natural numbers, N, but also in the ‘‘‘non-standard model’’ thereof, formed by the Seldonian NQ --

‘‘‘4.  alpha/* [e.g., 1, or q1] is not the successor of any element of this ‘‘‘Natural’’’ universe [of discourse].’’’

-- we can, presently, give no account of that ultimate «arché»’s own meta-ancestry/meta-genealogy, whether or not there actually was/is any such.

It is precisely for this reason that we select it as our «arché», and call it “«arché»”.

At/with it, our knowledge stops.

It is where our knowledge of the past presently ends.



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