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“Probability-Density Distributions-Dynamics” and Dialectical-Algebraic ‘Cumula’.

Probability-Density Distributions-Dynamics and Dialectical-Algebraic Cumula.

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‘‘‘Solved/interpreted’’’ NQ_ meta-model cumula, up to, but not including, their ‘‘‘meristemal’’’, final terms, in cases of Dyadic Seldon Function meta-models’, can be grasped as qualitative partitionings -- as discrete, ‘‘‘ontological’’’ partitionings -- & as apt namings, of the content of their associatedprobability-density distributions”, or ‘‘‘expected frequency-of-encounter’’’ [with the given kind of «monad»] distributions.

These NQ_-algebrameta-modeled ‘‘‘frequency-of-encounter distributions’’’ are generally expected to be ‘‘‘hyperbolic’’’ distributions, like the one depicted below, for the F.E.D. dialectical theory of everything -- the ‘‘‘dialectic of nature’’’ -- meta-model, where every successive term/ categorogram represents an «arithmos» of «monads» with less zenith onto-mass than do its predecessor categorograms. 

Or, they are expected to be ‘‘‘exponential’’’ distributions, like those for many of the Seldonian psychohistorical dialectical meta-equations --

-- describing aspects of human nature/dynamics.  

E.g., for the case of the human-social formation(s) psychohistorical dialectical meta-equation, the zenith onto-mass for the “bands formation-category is estimated to have been far exceeded by the zenith onto-mass for the “camps formation-category, whose zenith onto-mass, in turn, is estimated to have been far less than the zenith onto-mass for the agricultural “villagesformation-category, and so on.

Either way, our expectations are for one-tailed distributions -- upper-tail-only [right-tail only] in cases of ‘‘‘hyperbolic’’’ distributions, lower-tail-only [left-tail-only] in cases of ‘‘‘exponential’’’ distributions.

Each stage/epoch/step advance, in such a meta-model meta-distribution, multi-distribution, or distribution of distributions, models a ‘‘‘meta-evolutionary’’’, ‘‘‘revolutionary’’’, ‘‘‘meta-dynamical’’’, ontology-changing/ontology-[net-]expanding event, and represents an expanded possibilities-cumulum, forming a new ontological frequency distribution, and ‘‘‘adding’’’ it into the cumulumof  the earlier frequency distributions, already extantized.

Such advance does so because it brings with it an increment of new terms, of new categorograms, that represent, in Dyadic Seldon Function cases, the first full development of the latest-irrupting frequency distribution, that was only introduced pre-vestigially in the immediately previous epoch/step, as well as bringing the harbinger of the next, new frequency distribution, a frequency distribution to be fully ‘‘‘populated’’’ & developed only in the next epoch/step.

In cases of Triadic Seldon Function NQ_-algebraic meta-model meta-distributions, each stage/epoch/step of advance completes the real subsumption extantization of the discrete partitions/categories representing the content of the distribution for the latest-irrupted new ontology, with a dialectical full synthesis, or full uni-category, culmination. 

The harbinger of the frequency distribution for the next-to-be-irrupted ontology begins only in the next epoch/step, in cases of Triadic Seldon Function NQ_-algebraic meta-model meta-distributions.    



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