Thursday, September 12, 2013

Citizen Stewardship Equity -- A Trans-Capitalist «Species» of ‘Generalized Equity’.

Full Title: Another Foray Into Dialectical Social Science --

Citizen Stewardship Equity -- A Trans-Capitalist «Species» of ‘Generalized Equity’:

Key Implications of the New Constitutional Right of Citizen Stewardship Equity, a Higher Human Right that Emerges into Conditional Necessity -- as Necessary on Condition that Humanity Survives -- During the ‘Descendance Phase’ of the Capital-Equity-based Mode of Human-Social Reproduction.

Dear Readers,

¿What does political-economic democracy look like at the level of economic production?

Below is my rendition of a part of the answer, based upon the theory of the Equitist Advocacy group.

The very fact that the people’s -- the producers’ -- own [self-]government now provides “capital” to self-organized sub-groups of the people, based upon their collective merit, upon the collective merit of each such sub-group’s Citizen Stewardship producers’ cooperative business plan, already, in itself, renders such “capital” no longer ‘‘‘capital’’’ in the Marxian sense.

That is, the means of production, provided to a thus-qualified and thus-constituted Citizens Stewardship Cooperative, is no longer ‘‘‘capital’’’ in the sense of a social institution -- i.e., of a social relation of production -- that, together with the social institution of an equally ruling-class monopolized ownership of property in land, separates the vast majority of the people, of the workers, of the producers, from the means of their production, and of their daily reproduction, of their, and of human society’s, livelihoods, and life, respectively.

Capital, in that sense, is the social relation that “proletarianizes” that vast majority, forcing them, if they are to survive, to survive as self-sellers, as self-alienators -- as prostitutes -- to that capital, that is, to the class of the owners of capital and of landed property.

The workers -- the “associated producers” -- of a Citizen Stewardship Equity ‘socialized producers’ cooperative’ are, thus, proletarians no more.

They have become, instead, collective self-employers, and thus also collective owners of the profits that they produce, as well as individual owners of the work-time compensation that they earn, using the whole-society-owned means of production to which, based upon the merit of their business plan, they have been granted stewardship -- not local ownership -- by a Citizen Stewardship Equity social bank, competing with other such social banks, and in return for a social rent for the use of those means of production, paid out of the proceeds of what they produce, and sell, in competition with other such Citizen Stewardship enterprises, using those means of production.

For more information regarding the predicted 'Citizens Stewardship Equity' component of the predicted 'Generalized Equity' relation-of-production, see the following essay by the Equitist Advocacy group, via the following link --



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