Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Seldon on Recent Accelerated Progress in LGBT Human Rights Actualization.

Dear Readers,

I just cannot resist, in certain cases, sharing with you contributions to the Foundation's internal dialogues, whose public airing may make some members of the F.E.D. General Council -- of which I am not a member -- feel a bit uneasy.  

But when the transcripts of these dialogues do not bear the inscription "not yet ready for public sharing", I do sometimes share them, here, and elsewhere, with publics outside the Foundation.  

I share them when I feel that they will be of public benefit.

Such a case is a key contribution by Karl Seldon to the Foundation internal dialogue on recent accelerated global progress -- especially in the U.S., and especially not in the Russian Federation --  toward the full actualization of LGBT ['''Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Trans-Gender'''] human rights, that is, the actualization of the human rights of minorities which have been, in the West and elsewhere, viciously persecuted for centuries, due, in part, to a hysterical refusal, on the part of "Christian" and other authorities, to face the systematic dialectic of human sexuality -- to face the 'millenially' ever self-re-demonstrating fact that human, social gender is not two-fold, but four-fold;  that the ontology under its <<genos>> consists of four <<species>>, not two -- a '''hetero-sexual gender''' [the most populous], a '''homo-sexual gender''', a '''bi-sexual gender''', and a '''trans-sexual gender'''.

The specific quote from Seldon's contributions that I selected, and that I reproduced below, does not address the major irony of this progress. 

That irony is the way in which evil, sometimes, unwittingly and unwillingly on the part of evil, is pressed into the service of the good. 

In this case, the ruling, "Eugenics" faction of the capitalist ruling-class is favoring, allowing, and even promoting this one, LGBT, area of human rights progress, while it is attacking, and doing its best to reverse, virtually every other area of human rights progress. 

That ruling class is doing so because it collectively believes that greater tolerance of  LGBT ways of life, along with greater tolerance for, e.g., "extreme cougar" martial relationships, etc., etc., will lower human total fertility rates, and thus accrue to the furtherance of the "Eugenics", "population reduction" agenda of that globally ruling faction of the capitalist ruling class.  

Plus, advancing LGBT rights is a low-cost option for the ruling-class-prostituted Obama administration to engage, so as to retain some shred of a semblance of qualifying as a democratic, pro-people regime, while it implements anti-people and anti-democratic policies in virtually all other policy domains.

Nevertheless, as a general statement regarding human rights in the arena of sexual and 'genderal' minorities, Seldon's statement, reproduced below, is -- well, I have not encountered its equal.



Seldon:  "In the end, we will all lose each other, including those who we have come to love the most."

"In the end, we will all also lose ourselves."

"When those who have found love for one another, reach out to touch one another, reach out to commune bodily, spiritually with one another, it is a precious thing, creating precious moments of mutual delight, of ecstasy, of incandescent aliveness, snatched from out of the very jaws of our always-impending deaths."

"So let us leave off from the folly of prohibiting love, from the folly of prohibiting ecstasy, from the folly of prohibiting bodily, spiritual communion between consenting adults, because those lovers are -- supposedly, by some unreasoned convention, by some arbitrary presumption -- of the "wrong" genders, of the "wrong" "races", of the "wrong" ages, of the "wrong" marital statuses, etc., etc."

"Let us, instead, exalt universally in the precious sacredness, in the universal valuableness, and in the heightened aliveness of loving communion between humans."

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