Saturday, September 28, 2013

Web Dialogue: F.E.D.'s Dialectical Science in Relation to "Big" [for sale] Science.

Dear Readers,

Below I have edited and rendered a recent web-forum dialogue between a new Discussant and I, for your consideration.



[D]:  "Have you been published, peer-reviewed?"

[M.D.]:  Some of my work, from before I was admitted into full Foundation membership, and merged in with the work of the entire Foundation community, has been published, by the F.E.D. Press, in volume 0 of the multi-volume treatise entitled A Dialectical Theory of Everything -- Meta-Genealogies of the Universe and of its Sub-Universes:  A Graphical Manifesto.

The Foundation does not associate itself with "Big Science", and, by inclusion, with "Big Science's" "credibility-granting" institutions, for psychohistorical reasons.

This takes into account the increasing public self-dis-crediting' of "Big Science", during this descendance-phase of the global capitalist system, due to the public's increasing realization of "Big Science's" increasing intellectual prostitution to the funding of the capitalist plutocracy, which can, increasingly, "buy" any "scientific" results that it wants -- force "scientific" research to reach the conclusions that this global, descendance-phase capitalist ruling class wants it to reach, whether these conclusions are scientifically valid or not.

So, I'm afraid, if you want to determine the validity of our work, there are no official, ruling-class institutions for you to defer to:  you have only your own, naked reason and cognition to rely on!

[D]:  "Also, what's your IQ?"

[M.D.]:  Members of the Foundation secular monastic order, such as I, uphold personal vows which include abstinence from any public release of personal information.

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