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Dialogue on an F.E.D. 'Dialectical "Theory of Everything" Equation' Prediction: 'The Irruption of the Meta-Human'.

Dear Readers,

I have posted, below, for your interest, an edited transcript of a recent internet forum dialogue, in which I participated, regarding the prediction, immanent to the F.E.D. interpretation of its 'Dialectical "Theory of Everything" Equation', of 'The Irruption of the Meta-Human', and related topics.

The "Discussant's" contributions to the dialogue are labelled, below, by the letter "D".





We of F.E.D. hold that this predicted 'irruption of the meta-human' -- the transition of part of human-genomic humanity into a local 'meta-humanity' -- will be driven by an unstoppable social force.

That unstoppable social force is the overwhelming "consumer demand" for a commodity, the demand for which will be the most inelastic in all of previously-recorded history, and up to the present, once the availability of that "commodity" becomes publicly known.

That social force is the "consumer demand" for "human life extension"; for a marked, unprecedented, technologically-achieved prolongation in the mean duration of individual human life-times, via 'the self-re-engineering of the human genome', mediated by the 'designedly' genome-modifying intervention of the [technological] 'Human Phenome', and also via cyborg prosthetics / bionics, mediated and facilitated by the emergence of the android robotics "branch" of 'meta-humanity'.

[D]:  "A few questions. This does sound a bit like Kurzweil's "Singularity"."

[M.D.]:  Yes, Seldon and Kurzweil seem to have arrived at similar views, independently.

However, one key difference in their views is that Seldon sees the emergence of 'the meta-human' as a protracted process -- already manifest "fractionally" and "incommensurably" -- but not expected, per the F.E.D. psychohistorical equations, to become manifest "wholly", until the next whole-number epoch of cosmological 'meta-evolution', epoch t = 9, per the F.E.D. 'Dialectical "Theory of Everything" Equation', whereas Terran humanity is presently part of epoch t = 8, in terms of "Whole" number epochs, or is between epoch t = 8 and epoch t = 9 in terms of "Real" number epochality.

The 'irruptive', 'meta-FINITE' "singularity" episode in the long 'emergence of the meta-human', per the Seldonian theory, comes at the opening of epoch t = 9.

[D]:  "You do speak of consumer demand for a commodity but would the commodity form still exist under socialism?"

[M.D.]:  Per the F.E.D. 'Psychohistorical Equation of Social Relations of Production Meta-Evolution', socialism -- as 'Political Economic Democracy', and as 'Equitism' -- will "contain", or <<aufheben>>-conserve/transform/elevate, commodity production, at least in its initial phase, in the form of a kind of "market socialism", involving competition for worker-customers among "Citizen Stewardship Equity" socialized producers' cooperatives, much as Marx alluded in vol. III. of Capital, in chapter 27.

Real socialism, versus state-capitalism, of course, represent the historical extremity of human social-relations-of-production opposition -- diametric and dialectical opposites in the extreme.

For more about this, see the essay on Political-Economic Democracy by the Equitist Advocacy group, at --

[D]:  "Also this seems to imply some sort of immortality might be on the horizon. When do you see this happening?"

[M.D.]:  The Foundation holds that immortality -- potentially infinite average [meta-]human life-spans -- will remain beyond reach, both in the present epoch, and in its successor.

However, the Foundation also holds that an extension of average human life-span by a whole number factor is possible, even in the present epoch, but its partially already extant technology is being "hoarded", and kept out of public knowledge, by the ruling, "Eugenics" faction of the capitalist ruling class, as part of their strategy for drastic "population reduction", which is part of their overall strategy to suppress and to reverse "the growth of the social forces of production" [Marx], so that they may "stay in power".

[D]:  "Also, forgive me for asking, but is Karl Seldon and the Foundation a real person/organisation? They do sound like something out of Asimov, not saying that's a bad thing."

[M.D.]:   I assure you that Karl Seldon is not only a real person, but is an inspiration to all of us who have joined with him in the work of the Foundation, and who have pledged our lives, as he has his, to that historic and vital work for the survival and all-sided prosperity of Terran humanity, and which includes and requires the accession of Terran humanity to the socialist -- i.e., to the political-economic-democratic -- level of human social 'meta-evolution'.

Without him, there would be no Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica.

However, you must understand that "Karl Seldon" is not his "birth name".

The Foundation is a secular monastic order, and "Karl Seldon" is his monastic name, which, like the names of all other members of the Foundation, is chosen for 'meta-fractal resonance' with other names.

In Karl Seldon's case, his name is a deliberate resonance with the name "Hari Seldon" of Asimov's Foundation 'heptalogy'.

For more regarding F.E.D. monastic names, see --

Also, note that elements of 'meta-fiction' are a part of the Foundation's strategy, constituting a kind of "MIRV" defense. Some of the stories about the Foundation are 'meta-fiction', some are not. The Foundation does not reveal which are which. For more about this strategy, see the 'omni-copyright statement' --

[D]:  "The non-mathematical sections do look interesting, although I can't make heads or tails out of the algebra."

[M.D.]:  I am glad to know that you are finding the "non-algebraic" sections interesting, as I did myself -- to say the least -- before I began my long journey to join the Foundation.

I have in mind many more "non-algebraic" posts for this thread, as well as more "algebraic" posts, of course, so, hopefully, this thread will continue to serve your interest as well.

But bear in mind that burgeoning rates of mathematical illiteracy -- along with burgeoning rates of other kinds of illiteracy -- are part of the "Eugenics" ruling class's plan to suppress and reverse the growth of the social forces of production, so that they may "stay in power".

In the U.S., for example, that "Eugenics" plutocracy is presently punishing anyone who wants a college education, and who is not also independently wealthy -- e.g., via capital-ownership, and hence at least a member of the lower reaches of the capitalist ruling class -- with a lifetime of debt-slavery, and with an unemployment level such that college graduates cannot get jobs to finance paying the debt-service on their college-debts, debts which cannot be discharged, even when declaring bankruptcy.

The typically > 50% levels of unemployment being imposed, by the "Eugenics" plutocracy, on the young in the U.S., the U.K., the E.U., and elsewhere, as part of that plutocracy's 'Designer Depression' -- known in the media as "The Great Recession" -- is creating a "lost generation", quite deliberately.

Too, this student loan debt, which, in the U.S., now looms beyond the US$1,000,000,000,000,000. level -- exceeding total U.S. consumer credit card debt, now at a "mere" ~US$800 billion -- may yet be used, by the "Eugenics" plutocracy, as one of their additional "debt bombs", to trigger the next phase in their engineered "Global Great Depression II".



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